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A Lamb bears all its guilt away 49
A rest here have I never 316
After clouds we see the sun 261
Ah! faithful God, compass’nate heart 169
Ah! lovely innocence, how evil art thou deem’d 160
Awake, my heart! be singing 276
Be glad, my heart! now fear no more 329
Be joyful all, both far and near 75
Be thou contented! aye relying 202
Behold! behold! what wonder’s here! 14
Bless’d is he the Lord who loveth 132
Bless’d is he who never taketh 130
By John was seen a wondrous sight 347
Come, and Christ the Lord be praising 24
Commit whatever grieves thee 225
Creator, Father, Prince of might! 109
Father of mercies! God most high 175
For Thee, Lord, pants my longing heart 88
Full of wonder, full of art 302
Full often as I meditate 143
Go forth, my heart, and seek delight 289
How can it be, my highest Light! 259
How heavy is the burden made 246
How long, Lord, in forgetfulness 235
I have deserv’d it, cease to oppose 165
I into God’s own heart and mind 219
Immanuel! to Thee we sing 37
In grateful songs your voices raise 238
In prayer your voices raise ye 45
Is God for me? t’oppose me 208
Jesus! Thou, my dearest Brother 112
Let not such a thought e’er pain thee 83
Look up to thy God again 195
Lord God! Thou art for evermore 312
Lord, lend a gracious ear 92
Lord, Thou my heart dost search and try 138
Lord! to Thee alone I raise 135
Mine art Thou still, and mine shalt be 333
My face, why shouldst thou troubled be 322
My God! my works and all I do 102
My heart! the seven words hear now 63
Now at the manger here I stand 32
Now gone is all the rain 298
Now spread are evening’s shadows 285
Now with joy my heart is bounding 18
O Father! send Thy Spirit down 78
O God! from Thee doth wisdom flow 97
O God, my Father! thanks to Thee 117
O God! who dost Heaven’s sceptre wield 294
O Jesus Christ! my fairest Light 122
O Lord! I sing with mouth and heart 255
O my soul, why dost thou grieve 155
Oh! bleeding head, and wounded 59
Oh, Jesus Christ! how bright and fair 307
On thy bier how calm thou’rt sleeping 338
Praise God! for forth hath sounded 251
Praise ye Jehovah 279
Say with what salutations 10
Scarce tongue can speak, ne’er human ken 1
See, world! thy Life assailèd 54
Shall I not my God be praising 240
The daylight disappeareth 282
The golden morning, joy her adorning 270
The Lord, the earth who ruleth 266
The time is very near 341
Thou art but man, to thee ’tis known 148
Thou must not altogether be 230
Thy manger is my paradise 26
’Tis patience must support you 184
Twofold, Father! is my pray’r 107
Up! up! my heart with gladness 71
What pleaseth God, my faithful child 189
Why should sorrow ever grieve me 214
Why should they such pain e’er give Thee 43
Why without, then, art Thou staying 5
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