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Was alle, Weisheit in der Welt



Scarce tongue can speak, ne’er human ken

The myst’ry could discover,

That God, from His high throne to men

Makes known the world all over:

That He alone is King above

All other gods whatever,

Great, mighty, faithful, full of love,

His saints doth aye deliver,

One substance but three persons!

God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

The name thrice holy given,

On earth by all the ransom’d host,

And by the hosts of heaven.


He’s Abraham’s and Isaac’s God,

And Jacob’s whom He knoweth,

The Lord of Hosts, who every good

Both night and day bestoweth,

Who only doeth wonders!

His Son, from all eternity

Begotten hath the Father,

Who came as man, when God’s decree

Had fix’d, His sheep to gather.

The Holy Ghost eternally,

While all Their glory sharing,

Their honour, pow’r, and majesty,

A crown all equal wearing,

Proceeds from Son and Father!

Be glad, my heart! thy portion see,

Thy rich unequall’d treasure,

He is thy Friend, supply will He

Thy needs with bounteous measure.

Who made thee in His image fair

Thy load of guilt removeth,

Gives thee His chosen’s faith to share,

Thy Joy in sorrow proveth,

Through His own word most holy.

Bestir thyself, with all thy heart

Thy God to know endeavour:

Sweet rest such knowledge will impart,

Thy soul with pure love ever

Will cause to glow, and nourish thee

For life and joy in heaven;

Things heard of only here, shall be

To open sight there given,

By God to His dear children.

Woe! woe! to the besotted crew

In wilful blindness living,

Rejecting God, the honour due

To Him, to creatures giving.

The time will come when close shall He

’Gainst them the door of heaven;

Who God drive from them here, shall be

By Him hereafter driven,

From His high throne most holy!

O Prince of might! Thy mercy show,

Thou God of earth and heaven,

To every sinner here below

May saving grace be given!


Bring back Thy sheep who go astray,

And blinded eyes enlighten,

And turn Thou every thing away

That wickedly might frighten

Thine own, whose faith is feeble.

Grant this, that we Thy people may

All reach the heav’nly portals,

And in Thy kingdom sing for aye,

’Mid all the bless’d immortals:

That Thou above art King alone

All other gods high over,

The Father, Son, and Spirit, One,

Thy people’s Shield and Cover,

One substance but three persons!

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