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Gott Vater, sende deinen Geist



O Father! send Thy Spirit down,

Whom we are bidden by Thy Son

To seek, from Thy high heaven;

We ask as He taught us to pray,

And let us ne’er unheard away

From ’fore Thy throne be driven.

No mortal man upon the earth

Is of this gift so noble worth,

No merit we’ve to gain it;

Here only grace availeth aught,

That Jesus Christ for us hath bought,

His tears and death obtain it.

O Father! much it grieves Thy mind

Us in such woful plight to find,

As Adam’s fall hath brought us;

The evil spirit’s pow’r, this fall

Hath brought on him, and on us all,

But Christ to save hath sought us.

To our salvation, Lord, we cleave,

That we are Thine in Christ believe,

From Him nought shall us sever;

And through His death and precious blood,

Our mansions fair, and highest good,

We look for, doubting never.

This is a work of grace indeed,

The Holy Spirit’s strength we need,

Our pow’r is unavailing;

Our faith and our sincerity

Would soon, O Lord! in ashes lie,

Were not Thy help unfailing.

Of faith Thy Spirit keeps the light,

Though all the world against us fight,

And storm with every weapon.

Although the prince of this world too,

May take the field to lay us low,

No ill through him can happen.

The Spirit’s is the winning side,

And where He helps, the battle’s tide


Assuredly abateth.

What’s Satan’s might and majesty?

It falleth when His standard high

The Spirit elevateth.

The chains of hell He rends in twain,

Consoles and frees the heart again

From everything that grieveth;

And when misfortunes o’er us low’r

He shields us better in their hour,

Than ever heart conceiveth.

The bitter cross He maketh sweet,

In gloom His light our eyes doth greet,

Care of His sheep He taketh,

Holds over us the shield, and when

Night falls upon His flock, He then

To rest in peace us maketh.

The Spirit God gives from above

Directeth all who truly love

In ways of safety ever;

He guides our goings every day,

From paths of bliss to turn away

Our feet permits us never.

He maketh fit, and furnishes

With needed gifts for service those

Who here God’s house are rearing,

Adorns their minds and mouths and hearts,

And light to them for us imparts,

What’s dark to us thus clearing.

Our hearts He opens secretly

When they His word so faithfully

As precious seed are sowing;

He giveth pow’r to it, where’er

It takes root, tending it with care,

And waters it when growing.

He teacheth us the fear of God,

Loves purity, makes His abode

The soul that sin refuseth;

Who contrite are, virtue revere,

Repent, and turn to Him in fear

And love, He ever chooseth.

He’s true, and true doth aye abide,

In death’s dark hour He’s at our side,


When all from us recedeth;

He sootheth our last agony,

Up to the halls of bliss on high

In joy and trust He leadeth.

Oh! happy are the souls and bless’d,

Who while on earth permit this Guest

To make in them His dwelling;

Who now receive Him joyfully,

He’ll take up to God’s house on high,

Their souls with rapture filling.

Now, Father, who all good dost give,

Our pray’r hear, may we all receive

From Thee this priceless blessing;

Thy Spirit give, that here He may

Rule us, and there in endless day

Our souls be aye refreshing.

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