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Wie lang, O Herr, wie lange soll



How long, Lord, in forgetfulness

And darkness wilt Thou leave me?

How long will sorrow on me press

And deep heart-anguish grieve me?

Wilt Thou Thy face, Lord, utterly

Turn from me? wilt ne’er look on me

In grace and in compassion?

How long shall I, thy stricken child,

Bereft of soul-rest languish?

How long shall storm and wind so wild,

Fill heart with fear and anguish?

How long shall my proud enemy,

Who only meaneth ill to me,

Exult o’er me in triumph?

Ah! look on me, my Shield and Lord!

Down from Thy holy heaven,

And hear now my complaining word,

My pray’r from heart grief-riven.

Give to mine eyes, Lord, pow’r and might,

And do not let death’s gloomy night

So speedily o’ertake me.

For then, Lord, ev’ry enemy

Would never cease to glory,

And were I prostrate utterly,

Would ever triumph o’er me.

“There lieth he,” they’d cry in joy,

“Who caus’d us evermore annoy,

He’s prostrate and ne’er riseth.”

I know them, and I know fall well

The wickedness they’re planning,

Their hearts with ev’ry evil swell,

No good them e’er restraining.

But Thou, the faithful One, Lord, art,

And those who choose Thee for their part,

Thou nevermore forsakest.

My soul doth calmly trust in Thee,

Thou true to me remainest,

Of malice and of subtlety

The course, with pow’r restrainest.

This makes my heart with joy o’erflow,

That willingly dost Thou bestow

Salvation on the trusting.

O Lord! for aye I’ll trust in Thee,

Thou’rt my sole joy for ever;

Thou doest well, protectest me,

From sorrow dost deliver.

And therefore I my whole life long,

Will sing Thee oft a gladsome song

Of praise and of thanksgiving.

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