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O Jesu Christ, mein schoenstes Licht



O Jesus Christ! my fairest Light,

Who in Thy soul dost love me,

I ne’er can tell it, nor its height

Mete, ’tis so high above me,

Grant that my heart may warm to Thee,

With ardent love ne’er ceasing,

Thee embracing,

And as Thy property,

Cleave to Thee, ever gazing.

Grant that an idol in me may

Dwell e’en a moment never,

Grant me to make Thy love, I pray,

My crown and prize for ever!

Cast all things out, take all away,

That Thee and me would sever,

So that ever

By Thy love, my pow’rs may

Be kindled, and cool never!

How friendly, blessèd, sweet, and fair

Is Thy love, Jesus ever!

While this remains, distress and care

Can grieve my spirit never.

Then let me only think of Thee,

Be seeing, hearing, feeling,

Loving, telling

Of Thee, and Thy great love to me

Oh! be Thou more revealing!

Oh! that this greatest, highest good,

I might for aye be tasting!

Oh! that in me this noble blood

Might glow to everlasting!


Help me to watch, Lord! day and night,

This blessèd treasure shielding

From unyielding

Foes, who ’gainst us the might

Of Satan’s realm are wielding!

My Saviour! Thou in love to me

Hast down to death descended,

And like a murd’rer on the tree

And thief hast been suspended,

Spit on, despis’d and wounded sore,

The wounds which Thee have riven,

May it even

To me at the heart’s core

With love to feel be given.

The blood that hath been shed by Thee

Is good and precious ever,

My heart is wicked desp’rately,

Hard as a millstone nether.


Ah! let the virtue of Thy blood

My flinty heart be bending,

Entrance finding;

And may Thy love, life’s flood

Through all my veins be sending.

Oh! were my heart op’d to receive

The blood-drops that were falling

From Thee, wrung by my sin that eve

In agony appalling!

Oh! that the fountains of mine eyes

Were op’d, and with much sighing,

And sore crying,

Gush’d forth, as tears and sighs

Of men in love who’re dying.

Oh! that I as a little child

With weeping eyes might trace Thee,

E’en till Thy heart with love was fill’d

And Thine arms did embrace me.


And until Thou Thy heart to me

With sweet love flowing over,

Should’st discover,

And we united be,

Thy goodness for my cover.

Ah! draw me, Saviour! after Thee,

And so shall I be hasting,

I run, and in my heart shall be

Thy love with rapture tasting;

The gracious words from Thee I’ll hear

Sweet comfort shall give ever;

Me deliver

From sin, and every fear,

These shall o’ercome me never.

My Comfort, Treasure, Health, and Light,

My Life and Saviour tender!

Ah! take me for Thy portion quite

As I myself surrender!


There’s nought but pain apart from Thee,

I nought but gall discover,

Earth all over,

Nought ever comforts me,

No balm can me recover.

But Thou the Rest most blessed art,

In Thee are joys eternal.

Grant, Jesus! grant that my poor heart

Feed in Thy pastures vernal!

Be Thou the flame that burns in me,

My Balsam, ease that giveth,

And relieveth

Pain that here constantly

Makes me heave sighs, and grieveth.

Ah! fairest one, what faileth me

In Thy great love, of blessing?

It is my sun that lightens me,

My well-spring, me refreshing!


My sweetest wine, my heav’nly bread,

My cov’ring when before Thee,

And my glory,

My shield in hour of need,

My house that riseth o’er me!

Ah! dearest love, why was I born,

If Thou my soul forsakest?

If Thou withdraw’st, I’m all forlorn,

All good from me Thou takest.

O may I seek Thee as my guest,

With all my best endeavour

Keep Thee ever;

And when I Thee arrest,

Let Thee go from me never.

I’ve been belov’d by Thee for aye,

To follow Thou did’st move me;

Before I good could e’er essay,

E’en then did Thy heart love me:


Ah! noble Rock! Thy love below

May it for ever guide me,

And beside me

Be it where’er I go,

To aid whate’er betide me.

And may Thy love adorn my place,

Where’er my lot Thou’rt casting;

And if I wander from Thy ways,

To bring me back be hasting.

And let me ever counsel wise,

Good works from Thee be learning,

From sin turning,

And when from falls I rise,

Come back to Thee with yearning!

And ever be my joy in woe,

When weak, with Thy strength stay me;

And when my course is run below,

I down to rest will lay me.


Then may Thy love and truth with me,

O Christ! abide for ever,

Leave me never,

Till I Thy glory see,

Oh! may they waft me thither!

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