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Nun ruhen alle Waelder



Now spread are evening’s shadows,

O’er forests, towns, and meadows,

And sleepeth ev’ry eye;

Awake my pow’rs and sing ye,

And pray’r and praises bring ye,

That your Creator please on high!

O Sun! where art thou vanish’d?

The night thy light hath banish’d,

The night of day the foe;

Go then, for now appeareth

Another Sun and cheereth

My heart—’tis Jesus Christ, my joy!

We’ve seen the day’s declining,

The golden stars are shining

In yonder dark-blue sky.

There shall I be for ever

When God doth me deliver,

From this low vale of misery.

To rest the body hasteth,

Itself of clothes divesteth,

Type of mortality!

I’ll put it off, and o’er me

Christ will the robe of glory

Throw, and of immortality!

Head, hands, and feet so tirèd

Are glad the day’s expirèd,

That work comes to an end;

My heart be fill’d with gladness

That God from all earth’s sadness,

And from sin’s toil relief will send.

Lie down, my members tirèd

Upon your couch desirèd,

Lie down my wearied head!

A day and hour is nearing

They’ll be for you preparing

Beneath the sod, a quiet bed.

Mine eyes scarce ope are keeping,

A moment—I’ll be sleeping,

Where’s body then and soul?

In grace Thy care then make me,

May evil ne’er o’ertake me,

Thou Shepherd Lord of Israel!

O Jesus, be my cover!

And spread both Thy wings over

Thy child, and shield Thou me!

Though Satan would devour me,

Let angels ever o’er me

Sing, “This child shall uninjur’d be!”

And you, my well belovèd!

Shall by no ill be movèd,

No danger shall betide.

God peaceful slumbers send you,

With golden arms defend you,

Send guardian angels to your side!

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