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Die gueldne Sonne


The golden morning,

Joy her adorning,

With splendour near us

Draweth, to cheer us

With her heart-refreshing and lovely light.

My head and members

Lay wrapt all in slumbers,

But now awaking,

And sleep from me shaking,

Heaven’s bless’d sunshine doth gladden my sight.

Mine eye beholdeth

What God upholdeth,

Made for His glory,

To tell the story


To us of His power and might so great,

And where the Father

The faithful shall gather

In peace, whenever

Earth’s lies they shall sever

And leave this mortal and perishing state.

Come ye with singing,

To God be bringing

Goods and each blessing—

All we’re possessing—

All be to God as an offering brought.

Hearts with love glowing,

With praises o’erflowing,

Thanksgiving voices,

In these God rejoices,

All other off’rings without them are nought.

To morn and even

His thoughts are given,

Increase He giveth,

Sorrow relieveth,


These are the works that He doeth alone.

When we are sleeping

Watch is He aye keeping,

When we’re awaking

Care still of us taking,

He makes the light of His grace to shine down.

My thoughts I’ve raisèd

To Thee who’rt praisèd

For aye in Heaven!

Success be given,

May all my endeavours unhinder’d be!

From ev’ry evil

And work of the devil,

All malice ever,

Oh do Thou deliver!

In all Thy precepts establish Thou me!

May’t pleasure give me,

May no pain grieve me

To see flow over

The cup my brother


Or neighbour hath, with Thy blessings so free.

Covetous burning

And unchristian yearning

For ill possessions,

Blot out such transgressions,

Cast them, O Father! all into the sea!

The life we’re living

What is it giving?

Ere any thinketh

To ground it sinketh,

Soon as the breath of the grave on it blow.

All things together

Dread ruin must shiver,

The earth and heaven

They must perish even,

Wrapt in the flames that shall ardently glow!

All—all decayeth,

But God still stayeth,

His thoughts they waver

A moment never,


His word and will both eternally ’dure.

His grace and favour

Uninjur’d are ever,

Deadly wounds healing,

The heart with peace filling,

Health here and yonder to us they ensure.

My God for ever

Do Thou deliver!

Shield me, and cover

My debts all over,

In grace, Thine eyes from my sins turn away.

Govern and guide me,

Be ever beside me,

As it is pleasing

To Thee! am I placing

All in Thy hand and disposal for aye.

Wilt Thou give ever

To me whatever

My life is needing?

May I be heeding


Ever the faithful word spoken by Thee.

God is the highest,

The greatest, the nighest,

Gracious is ever,

Is changeable never,

Of all our treasures the noblest is He.

Wilt Thou then grieve me,

Gall to drink give me?

Must I be passing

Through cares harassing?

Do then as seemeth it good unto Thee.

Whate’er supporteth,

Is useful or hurteth,

Thou knowest ever,

And chastenest never

Too much, in case we o’erburden’d should be.

Trial God sendeth,

Speedily endeth

The storms of ocean,

The wind’s commotion


Lightens the sunshine so gladsome and bright.

Fulness of pleasure,

And glorious leisure,

Will then be given

To me in yon Heaven

Whither my thoughts aye to turn take delight.

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