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Ich erhebe, Herr, zu dir



Lord! to Thee alone I raise

Evermore mine eager eyes,

Upturn’d is my constant gaze

To the hills that pierce the skies:

To the hills whence flow to me

Help and saving health from Thee!

All my succour comes to me

From my great Creator’s hand,

Who hath deck’d so beauteously

Earth and sky, air, sea, and land,

And with ev’ry good supplied,

That our needs be satisfied.

Lest thy feet, my soul! should stray

From the narrow path of right,

He is with thee in the way,

And preserves thee day and night.

Trust Him! and the hosts of hell

Never more shall work thee ill.

Sleepless vigils doth He keep

When thou liest down to rest;

When thou’rt sunk in slumbers deep,

To thy side at His behest

Angel hosts then wing their flight,

Thee to guard through all the night.

All thou hast and all thou art

Is encircled by His love;

Ev’ry grief that wrings thy heart

Doth He graciously remove.

Soul and body shieldeth He,

When dark tempests threaten thee.

When the noonday’s burning sun

All thy body’s strength doth blight,

When the midnight stars and moon

Dazzle with their brilliant light,


Then His hand of mighty pow’r,

Shades thee in the trying hour.

May He still protection yield,

Faithful Shepherd be, and near

Still remain thy rock and shield,

When thy heart’s oppress’d with fear.

When of need thou feel’st the smart,

May He press thee to His heart.

Dost thou sit or rise again,

Dost thou speak or dost thou hear,

Still at home dost thou remain,

Art abroad when none is near,

Dost thou wander in or out?

He will compass thee about.

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