Table of Contents

Title Page.

Prefatory Material.

Good Thoughts in Bad Times.

Good Thoughts in Worse Times.

To the Christian Reader.

Personal Meditations.

Scriptural Observations.

Meditations on the Times.

Meditations on All Kind of Prayers.

Occasion Meditations.

Mixt Contemplations in Better Times.

Mixt Contemplations on These Times.

The Cause and Cure of a Wounded Conscience.


To the Christian Reader.

Dialogue I. What a wounded Conscience is, wherewith the Godly and Reprobate may be tortured.

Dialogue II. What use they are to make thereof, who neither hitherto were, nor haply hereafter shall be, visited with a wounded Conscience.

Dialogue III. Three solemn Seasons when Men are surprised with wounded Consciences.

Dialogue IV. The great Torment of a wounded Conscience, proved by Reasons and Examples.

Dialogue V. Sovereign Uses to be made of the Torment of a wounded Conscience.

Dialogue VI. That in some Cases more Repentance must be preached to a wounded Conscience.

Dialogue VII. Only Christ is to be applied to Souls truly contrite.

Dialogue VIII. Answers to the Objections of a wounded Conscience, drawn from the Grievousness of his Sins.

Dialogue IX. Answers to the Objections of a wounded Conscience drawn from the Slightness of his Repentance.

Dialogue X. Answers to the Objections of a wounded Conscience drawn from the Feebleness of his Faith.

Dialogue XI. God alone can satisfy all Objections of a wounded Conscience.

Dialogue XII. Means to be used by wounded Consciences for the recovering of Comfort

Dialogue XIII. Four wholesome Counsels, for a wounded Conscience to practise.

Dialogue XIV. Comfortable Meditations for wounded Consciences to muse upon.

Dialogue XV. That is not always the greatest Sin whereof a Man is guilty, wherewith his Conscience is most pained for the present.

Dialogue XVI. Obstructions hindering the speedy flowing of Comfort into a troubled Soul.

Dialogue XVII. What is to be conceived of their final Estate who die in a wounded Conscience without any visible Comfort.

Dialogue XVIII. Of the different Time and Manner of the coming of Comfort to such who are healed of a wounded Conscience.

Dialogue XIX. How such who are completely cured of a wounded Conscience are to demean themselves.

Dialogue XX. Whether one cured of a wounded Conscience be subject to a Relapse.

Dialogue XXI. Whether it be lawful to pray for, or to pray against, or to praise God for, a wounded Conscience.

The Conclusion of the Author to the Reader.