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WE read, 1 Kings viii. 55, that Solomon, when he had ended his excellent prayer, he blessed the people. But was not this invading the sacerdotal function? seeing it was not crown work, but mitre work to do it. [Numb. vi. 23.]

No, surely, Solomon’s act therein was lawful and laudable, there being a threefold blessing.

1. Imperative; so God only blessed his people, who commandeth deliverances for Israel.

2. Indicative; solemnly to declare God’s blessing to, and put his name upon, the people, and this was the priest’s work.

3. Optative; wishing and desiring God’s blessing on the people, and this was done by Solomon.

Yea, it is remarkable that, in the same chapter, ver. 66, the people blessed the king. O happy reciprocation betwixt them! when the king blesseth his people, if his words be rightly 277understood, all may be well. But when a people blesseth their king, all is well.

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