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HAD I beheld Sodom in the beauty thereof, and had the angel told me that the same should be suddenly destroyed by a merciless element, I should certainly have concluded that Sodom should have been drowned; led thereunto by these considerations:—


1. It was situated in the plain of Jordan, a flat, low, level country.

2. It was well watered everywhere; [Gen. iii. 10.] and where always there is water enough, there may sometimes be too much.

3. Jordan had a quality in the first month to overflow all his banks. [1 Chron. xii. 15.]

But no drop of moisture is spilt on Sodom, it is burnt to ashes. How wide are our conjectures, when they guess at God’s judgments! How far are his ways above our apprehension! Especially when wicked men with the Sodomites wander in strange sins, out of the road of common corruption, God meets them with strange punishments, out of the reach of common conception, not coming within the compass of a rational suspicion.

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