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JOAB chid the man (unknown in Scripture by his name, well known for his wisdom) for not killing Absalom, when he saw him hanged in the tree, promising him for his pains ten shekels and a girdle.

But the man, having the king’s command to the contrary, refused his proffer. Well he knew that politic statesman would have dangerous designs fetched out of the fire, but with other men*s fingers. His girdle promised might in payment prove a halter. Yea, he added moreover, that had he killed Absalom, Joab hiinself would have set himself against him. [2 Sam. xviii. 13.]

Satan daily solicits me to sin (point blank against God’s word), baiting me with proffers 101best pleasing my corruption. If I consent, he who last tempted first accuseth me. [Rev. xii. 10.] The fawning spaniel turns a fierce lion, and roareth out my faults in the ears of Heaven. Grant, Lord, when Satan shall next serve me, as Joab did this nameless Israelite, I may serve him as the nameless Israelite did Joab, flatly refusing his deceitful tenders.

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