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I BEHELD a lapidary cutting a diamond with a diamond hammer and anvil, both of the same kind.

God in Scripture styled his servants his jewels. [Mal. iii. 17.] His diamonds they are; but alas! rude, rough, unpolished, without shape or fashion, as they arise naked out of the bed of the earth, before art hath dressed them. See how God, by rubbing one rough diamond against another, maketh both smooth. Barnabas afflicts Paul, [Acts xv. 39.] and Paul afflicts Barnabas, by their hot falling out; Jerome occasioneth trouble to Rufinus, and Rufinus to Jerome.

In our unnatural war, none I hope so weak and wilful as to deny many good men (though 177misled) engaged on both sides. O how have they scratched, and rased, and pierced, and bruised, and broken one another! Behold Heaven’s hand grating one diamond with another; as for all those who uncharitably deny any good on that party which they dislike, such show themselves diamonds indeed in their hardness (cruel censuring), but none in any commendable quality in their conditions.

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