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GOD is said to have brought the Israelites out of Egypt on eagles’ wings. [Exod. xix. 4.] Now eagles, when removing their young ones, have a different posture from other fowl, proper to themselves, (fit it is that there should be a distinction betwixt sovereign and subjects,) carrying their prey in their talons, but young ones 120on their backs, so interposing their whole bodies betwixt them and harm. The old eagle’s body is the young eagle’s shield, and must be shot through before her young ones can be hurt.

Thus God, in saving the Jews, put himself betwixt them and danger. Surely God, so loving under the Law, is no less gracious in the Gospel: our souls are better secured, not only above his wings, but in his body; your life is hid with Christ in God. [Colos. iii. 3.] No fear then of harm; God first must be pierced before we can be prejudiced.

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