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THE Magdeburgenses, out of a spirit of opposition to the Papists, over-prizing the person and actions of St. Peter, do, in my mind, on the other side too much decry him, causelessly cavilling at his words to our Saviour (Mark x. 28): Ecce reliquimus omnia, Behold, we have left all and followed thee.

What, say they, had he left? He maketh as if he had left great matters, and a mighty estate; whereas this his all was not more than an old ship, some few rotten nets, and suchlike inconsiderable accommodations.

But Bellarmine (always ingenuous, sometimes satirical) payeth them home for their causeless exception against that Apostle: What! saith he, would they have him have left more than he had? All was all, how little soever it was.

Different, I confess, is the standard and measure of men’s losses in this time. Some, in preserving of their consciences, have lost manners; others farms, others cottages. Some have had a hin, others a homer, others an ephah of afflictions. However, those men must on all hands be allowed the greatest losers who have lost all (how small soever that their all was), and who, with the widow (Mark xii. 44), have parted with ὅλον τὸν βίον αὑτῶν, all their livelihood.

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