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John of Damascus: Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.

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An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.

Book I

Book II

Book III

Concerning the Divine Œconomy and God's care over us, and concerning our salvation.

Concerning the manner in which the Word was conceived, and concerning His divine incarnation.

Concerning Christ's two natures, in opposition to those who hold that He has only one.

Concerning the manner of the Mutual Communication.

Concerning the number of the Natures.

That in one of its subsistences the divine nature is united in its entirety to the human nature, in its entirety and not only part to part.

Concerning the one compound subsistence of God the Word.

In reply to those who ask whether the natures of the Lord are brought under a continuous or a discontinuous quantity.

In reply to the question whether there is Nature that has no Subsistence.

Concerning the Trisagium (“the Thrice Holy”).

Concerning the Nature as viewed in Species and in Individual, and concerning the difference between Union and Incarnation: and how this is to be understood, “The one Nature of God the Word Incarnate.”

That the holy Virgin is the Mother of God: an argument directed against the Nestorians.

Concerning the properties of the two Natures.

Concerning the volitions and free-will of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Concerning the energies in our Lord Jesus Christ.

In reply to those who say “If man has two natures and two energies, Christ must be held to have three natures and as many energies.”

Concerning the deification of the nature of our Lord's flesh and of His will.

Further concerning volitions and free-wills: minds, too, and knowledges and wisdoms.

Concerning the theandric energy.

Concerning the natural and innocent passions.

Concerning ignorance and servitude.

Concerning His growth.

Concerning His Fear.

Concerning our Lord's Praying.

Concerning the Appropriation.

Concerning the Passion of our Lord's body, and the Impassibility of His divinity.

Concerning the fact that the divinity of the Word remained inseparable from the soul and the body, even at our Lord's death, and that His subsistence continued one.

Concerning Corruption and Destruction.

Concerning the Descent to Hades.

Book IV


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