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Psalms of David in Metre

Psalm 1: That man hath perfect blessedness

Psalm 2: Why rage the heathen? and vain things

Psalm 3: O Lord, how are my foes increas'd?

Psalm 4: Give ear unto me when I call

Psalm 5: Give ear unto my words, O Lord

Psalm 6, L.M.: Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not

Psalm 6, C.M.: In thy great indignation

Psalm 7: O Lord my God, in thee do I

Psalm 8: How excellent in all the earth

Psalm 9: Lord, thee I'll praise with all my heart

Psalm 10: Wherefore is it that thou, O Lord

Psalm 11: I in the Lord do put my trust

Psalm 12: Help, Lord, because the godly man

Psalm 13: How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?

Psalm 14: That there is not a God, the fool

Psalm 15: Within thy tabernacle, Lord

Psalm 16: Lord, keep me; for I trust in thee

Psalm 17: Lord, hear the right, attend my cry

Psalm 18: Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength

Psalm 19: The heav'ns God's glory do declare

Psalm 20: Jehovah hear thee in the day

Psalm 21: The king in thy great strength, O Lord

Psalm 22: My God, my God, why hast thou me

Psalm 23: The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want

Psalm 24: The earth belongs unto the Lord

Psalm 25, S.M.: To thee I lift my soul

Psalm 25, C.M.: To thee I lift my soul, O Lord

Psalm 26: Judge me, O Lord, for I have walk'd

Psalm 27: The Lord's my light and saving health

Psalm 28: To thee I'll cry, O Lord, my rock

Psalm 29: Give ye unto the Lord, ye sons

Psalm 30: Lord, I will thee extol, for thou

Psalm 31: In thee, O Lord, I put my trust

Psalm 32: O blessed is the man to whom

Psalm 33: Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice

Psalm 34: God will I bless all times; his praise

Psalm 35: Plead, Lord, with those that plead; and fight

Psalm 36: The wicked man's transgression

Psalm 37: For evil-doers fret thou not

Psalm 38: In thy great indignation

Psalm 39: I said, I will look to my ways

Psalm 40: I waited for the Lord my God

Psalm 41: Blessed is he that wisely doth

Psalm 42: Like as the hart for water-brooks

Psalm 43: Judge me, O God, and plead my cause

Psalm 44: O God, we with our ears have heard

Psalm 45, C.M.: My heart brings forth a goodly thing

Psalm 45, S.M.: My heart inditing is

Psalm 46: God is our refuge and our strength

Psalm 47: All people, clap your hands; to God

Psalm 48: Great is the Lord, and greatly he

Psalm 49: Hear this, all people, and give ear

Psalm 50: S.M.: The mighty God, the Lord

Psalm 50, C.M.: The mighty God, the Lord, hath spoke

Psalm 51: After thy loving-kindness, Lord

Psalm 52: Why dost thou boast, O mighty man

Psalm 53: That there is not a God, the fool

Psalm 54: Save me, O God, by thy great name

Psalm 55: Lord, hear my pray'r, hide not thyself

Psalm 56: Shew mercy, Lord, to me, for man

Psalm 57: Be merciful to me, O God

Psalm 58: Do ye, O congregation

Psalm 59: My God, deliver me from those

Psalm 60: O Lord, thou hast rejected us

Psalm 61: O God, give ear unto my cry

Psalm 62: My soul with expectation

Psalm 63: Lord, thee my God, I'll early seek

Psalm 64: When I to thee my prayer make

Psalm 65: Praise waits for thee in Sion, Lord

Psalm 66: All lands to God in joyful sounds

Psalm 67, S.M.: Lord, bless and pity us

Psalm 67, C.M.: Lord, unto us be merciful

Psalm 68: Let God arise, and scattered

Psalm 69: Save me, O God, because the floods

Psalm 70, S.M.: Lord, haste me to deliver

Psalm 70, C.M.: Make haste, O God, me to preserve

Psalm 71: O Lord, my hope and confidence

Psalm 72: O Lord, thy judgments give the king

Psalm 73: Yet God is good to Israel

Psalm 74: O God, why hast thou cast us off?

Psalm 75: To thee, O God, do we give thanks

Psalm 76: In Judah's land God is well known

Psalm 77: Unto the Lord I with my voice

Psalm 78: Attend, my people, to my law

Psalm 79: O God, the heathen enter'd have

Psalm 80: Hear, Isr'el's Shepherd! like a flock

Psalm 81: Sing loud to God our strength; with joy

Psalm 82: In gods' assembly God doth stand

Psalm 83: Keep not, O God, we thee entreat

Psalm 84: How lovely is thy dwelling-place

Psalm 85: O Lord, thou hast been favourable

Psalm 86: O Lord, do thou bow down thine ear

Psalm 87: Upon the hills of holiness

Psalm 88: Lord God, my Saviour, day and night

Psalm 89: God's mercies I will ever sing

Psalm 90: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place

Psalm 91: He that doth in the secret place

Psalm 92: To render thanks unto the Lord

Psalm 93: The Lord doth reign, and cloth'd is he

Psalm 94: O Lord God, unto whom alone

Psalm 95: O come, let us sing to the Lord

Psalm 96: O sing a new song to the Lord

Psalm 97: God reigneth, let the earth be glad

Psalm 98: O sing a new song to the Lord

Psalm 99: Th' eternal Lord doth reign as king

Psalm 100, L.M.: All people that on earth do dwell

Psalm 100, C.M.: O all ye lands, unto the Lord

Psalm 101: I mercy will and judgment sing

Psalm 102, C.M.: O Lord, unto my pray'r give ear

Psalm 102, L.M.: Lord, hear my pray'r, and let my cry

Psalm 103: O thou my soul, bless God the Lord

Psalm 104: Bless God, my soul. O Lord my God

Psalm 105: Give thanks to God, call on his name

Psalm 106: Give praise and thanks unto the Lord

Psalm 107: Praise God, for he is good: for still

Psalm 108: My heart is fix'd, Lord; I will sing

Psalm 109: O thou the God of all my praise

Psalm 110: The Lord did say unto my Lord

Psalm 111: Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heart

Psalm 112: Praise ye the Lord. The man is bless'd

Psalm 113: Praise God: ye servants of the Lord

Psalm 114: When Isr'el out of Egypt went

Psalm 115: Not unto us, Lord, not to us

Psalm 116: I love the Lord, because my voice

Psalm 117: O give ye praise unto the Lord

Psalm 118: O praise the Lord, for he is good

Psalm 119, Part 1: Blessed are they that undefil'd

Psalm 119, Part 2: By what means shall a young man learn

Psalm 119, Part 3: Open mine eyes, that of thy law

Psalm 119, Part 4: My soul to dust cleaves: quicken me

Psalm 119, Part 5: Teach me, O Lord, the perfect way

Psalm 119, Part 6: Let thy sweet mercies also come

Psalm 119, Part 7: Remember, Lord, thy gracious word

Psalm 119, Part 8: Thou my sure portion art alone

Psalm 119, Part 9: Well hast thou with thy servant dealt

Psalm 119, Part 10: Thou mad'st and fashion'dst me: thy laws

Psalm 119, Part 11: My soul for thy salvation faints

Psalm 119, Part 12: Thy word for ever is, O Lord

Psalm 119, Part 13: O how love I thy law! it is

Psalm 119, Part 14: Thy word is to my feet a lamp

Psalm 119, Part 15: I hate the thoughts of vanity

Psalm 119, Part 16: To all men I have judgment done

Psalm 119, Part 17: Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful

Psalm 119, Part 18: O Lord, thou art most righteous

Psalm 119, Part 19: With my whole heart I cry'd, Lord, hear

Psalm 119, Part 20: Consider mine affliction

Psalm 119, Part 21: Princes have persecuted me

Psalm 119, Part 22: O let my earnest pray'r and cry

Psalm 120: In my distress to God I cry'd

Psalm 121: I to the hills will lift mine eyes

Psalm 122: I joy'd when to the house of God

Psalm 123: O thou that dwellest in the heav'ns

Psalm 124, C.M.: Had not the Lord been on our side

Psalm 124, 10s: Now Israel may say, and that truly

Psalm 125: They in the Lord that firmly trust

Psalm 126: When Sion's bondage God turn'd back

Psalm 127: Except the Lord do build the house

Psalm 128: Bless'd is each one that fears the Lord

Psalm 129: Oft did they vex me from my youth

Psalm 130: Lord, from the depths to thee I cry'd

Psalm 131: My heart not haughty is, O Lord

Psalm 132: David, and his afflictions all

Psalm 133: Behold, how good a thing it is

Psalm 134: Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye

Psalm 135: Praise ye the Lord, the Lord's name praise

Psalm 136, Give thanks to God, for good is he

Psalm 136, Praise God, for he is kind

Psalm 137: By Babel's streams we sat and wept

Psalm 138: Thee will I praise with all my heart

Psalm 139: O Lord, thou hast me search'd and known

Psalm 140: Lord, from the ill and froward man

Psalm 141: O Lord, I unto thee do cry

Psalm 142: I with my voice cry'd to the Lord

Psalm 143, C.M.: Lord, hear my pray'r, attend my suits

Psalm 143, Oh, hear my prayer, Lord

Psalm 144: O blessed ever be the Lord

Psalm 145, C.M.: I'll thee extol, my God, O King

Psalm 145, L.M.: O Lord, thou art my God and King

Psalm 146: Praise God. The Lord praise, O my soul

Psalm 147: Praise ye the Lord; for it is good

Psalm 148, C.M.: Praise God. From heavens praise the Lord

Psalm 148, The Lord of heav'n confess

Psalm 149: Praise ye the Lord: unto him sing

Psalm 150: Praise ye the Lord. God's praise within

Doxologies or Conclusions

Translations and Paraphrases

1: Genesis 1: Let heav'n arise, let earth appear

2: Genesis 28:20-22: O God of Bethel! by whose hand

3: Job 1:21: Naked as from the earth we came

4: Job 3:17-20: How still and peaceful is the grave!

5: Job 5:6-12: Though trouble springs not from the dust

6: Job 8:11-22: The rush may rise where waters flow

7: Job 9:2-10: How should the sons of Adam's race

8: Job 14:1-15: Few are thy days, and full of woe

9: Job 26:6-14: Who can resist th' Almighty arm

10: Prov. 1:20-31: In streets, and op'nings of the gates

11: Prov. 3:13-17: O happy is the man who hears

12: Prov. 6:6-12: Ye indolent and slothful! rise

13: Proverbs 8:22-36: Keep silence, all ye sons of men

14: Eccles. 7:2-6: While others crowd the house of mirth

15: Eccles. 9:4,5,6,10: As long as life its term extends

16: Eccles. 12:1: In life's gay morn, when sprightly youth

17: Isaiah 1:10-19: Rulers of Sodom! hear the voice

18: Isaiah 2:2-6: Behold! the mountain of the Lord

19: Isaiah 9:2-8: The race that long in darkness pined

20: Isaiah 26:1-7: How glorious Sion's courts appear

21: Isaiah 33:13-18: Attend, ye tribes that dwell remote

22: Isaiah 40:27-31: Why pour'st thou forth thine anxious plaint

23: Isaiah 42:1-13: Behold my Servant! see him rise

24: Isaiah 49:13-17: Ye heav'ns send forth your song of praise!

25: Isaiah 53: How few receive with cordial faith

26: Isaiah 55: Ho! ye that thirst, approach the spring

27: Isaiah 57:15,16: Thus speaks the high and lofty One

28: Isaiah 58:5-9: Attend, and mark the solemn fast

29: Lament. 3:37-40: Amidst the mighty, where is he

30: Hosea 6:1-4: Come, let us to the Lord our God

31: Micah 6:6-9: Thus speaks the heathen: How shall man

32: Habak. 3:17,18: What though no flow'rs the fig-tree clothe

33: Matth. 6:9-14: Father of all! we bow to thee

34: Matth. 11:25-30: Thus spoke the Saviour of the world

35: Matth. 26:26-29: 'Twas on that night, when doomed to know

36: Luke 1:46-56: My soul and spirit, filled with joy

37: Luke 2:8-15: While humble shepherds watched their flocks

38: Luke 2:25-33: Just and devout old Simeon lived

39: Luke 4:18,19: Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour comes!

40: Luke 15:13-25: The wretched prodigal behold

41: John 3:14-19: As when the Hebrew prophet raised

42: John 14:1-7: Let not your hearts with anxious thoughts

43: John 14:25-28: You now must hear my voice no more

44: John 19:30: Behold the Saviour on the cross

45: Romans 2:4-8: Ungrateful sinners! whence this scorn

46: Romans 3:19-22: Vain are the hopes the sons of men

47: Romans 6:1-7: And shall we then go on to sin

48: Romans 8:31-39: Let Christian faith and hope dispel

49: 1 Corinth. 13: Though perfect eloquence adorned

50: 1 Corinth. 15:52-58: When the last trumpet's awful voice

51: 2 Corinth. 5:1-11: Soon shall this earthly frame, dissolved

52: Philip. 2:6-12: Ye who the name of Jesus bear

53: 1 Thessal. 4:13-18: Take comfort, Christians, when your friends

54: 2 Tim. 1:12: I'm not ashamed to own my Lord

55: 2 Tim. 4:6,7,8,18: My race is run; my warfare's o'er

56: Titus 3:3-9: How wretched was our former state

57: Heb. 4:14-16: Jesus, the Son of God, who once

58: Heb. 4:14-16: Where high the heav'nly temple stands

59: Heb. 12:1-13: Behold what witnesses unseen

60: Heb. 13:20,21: Father of peace, and God of love!

61: 1 Pet. 1:3-5: Bless'd be the everlasting God

62: 2 Pet. 3:3-14: Lo! in the last of days behold

63: 1 John 3:1-4: Behold th' amazing gift of love

64: Rev. 1:5-9: To him that loved the souls of men

65: Rev. 5:6-14: Behold the glories of the Lamb

66: Rev. 7:13-17: How bright these glorious spirits shine!

67: Rev. 21:1-9: Lo! what a glorious sight appears



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