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Rev. 21:1-9


Lo! what a glorious sight appears

to our admiring eyes!

The former seas have passed away,

the former earth and skies.

From heav’n the New Jerus’lem comes,

all worthy of its Lord;

See all things now at last renewed,

and paradise restored!

Attending angels shout for joy,

and the bright armies sing;

Mortals! behold the sacred seat

of your descending King!

The God of glory down to men

removes his bless’d abode;

He dwells with men; his people they,

and he his people’s God.

His gracious hand shall wipe the tears

from ev’ry weeping eye:

And pains and groans, and griefs and fears,

and death itself, shall die.

Behold, I change all human things!

saith he, whose words are true;

Lo! what was old is passed away,

and all things are made new!

I am the First, and I the Last,

through endless years the same;

I AM, is my memorial still,

and my eternal name.

Ho, ye that thirst! to you my grace

shall hidden streams disclose,

And open full the sacred spring,

whence life for ever flows.

Bless’d is the man that overcomes;

I’ll own him for a son;

A rich inheritance rewards

the conquests he hath won.

But bloody hands and hearts unclean,

and all the lying race,

The faithless, and the scoffing crew,

who spurn at offered grace;

They, seized by justice, shall be doomed

in dark abyss to lie,

And in the fiery burning lake

the second death shall die.

O may we stand before the Lamb,

when earth and seas are fled,

And hear the judge pronounce our name,

with blessings on our bead!

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