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Psalm 87

A Psalm or Song for the sons of Korah.


1Upon the hills of holiness

he his foundation sets.

2God, more than Jacob’s dwellings all,

delights in Sion’s gates.

3Things glorious are said of thee,

thou city of the Lord.

4Rahab and Babel I, to those

that know me, will record:

Behold ev’n Tyrus, and with it

the land of Palestine,

And likewise Ethiopia;

this man was born therein.

5And it of Sion shall be said,

This man and that man there

Was born; and he that is most High

himself shall stablish her.

6When God the people writes, he’ll count

that this man born was there.

7There be that sing and play; and all

my well-springs in thee are.

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