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Matth. 11:25, to the end


Thus spoke the Saviour of the world

and raised his eyes to heav’n:

To thee, O Father! Lord of all,

eternal praise be giv’n.

Thou to the pure and lowly heart

hast heav’nly truth revealed;

Which from the self-conceited mind

thy wisdom hath concealed.

Ev’n so! thou, Father, hast ordained

thy high decree to stand;

Nor men nor angels may presume

the reason to demand.

Thou only know’st the Son: from thee

my kingdom I receive;

And none the Father know but they

who in the Son believe.

Come then to me, all ye who groan,

with guilt and fears opprest;

Resign to me the willing heart,

and I will give you rest.


Take up my yoke, and learn of me

the meek and lowly mind;

And thus your weary troubled souls

repose and peace shall find.

For light and gentle is my yoke;

the burden I impose

Shall ease the heart, which groaned before

beneath a load of woes.

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