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Isaiah 42:1-13


Behold my Servant! see him rise

exalted in my might!

Him have I chosen, and in him

I place supreme delight.

On him, in rich effusion poured,

my Spirit shall descend;

My truths and judgments he shall show

to earth’s remotest end.

Gentle and still shall be his voice,

no threats from him proceed;

The smoking flax he shall not quench,

nor break the bruised reed.

The feeble spark to flames he’ll raise;

the weak will not despise;

Judgment he shall bring forth to truth,

and make the fallen rise.

The progress of his zeal and pow’r

shall never know decline,

Till foreign lands and distant isles

receive the law divine.

He who erected heav’ns bright arch,

and bade the planets roll,

Who peopled all the climes of earth,

and formed the human soul,

Thus saith the Lord, Thee have I raised,

my Prophet thee install;

In right I’ve raised thee, and in strength

I’ll succour whom I call.


I will establish with the lands

a covenant in thee,

To give the Gentile nations light,

and set the pris’ners free:

Asunder burst the gates of brass;

the iron fetters fall;

And gladsome light and liberty

are straight restored to all.

I am the Lord, and by the name

of great JEHOVAH known;

No idol shall usurp my praise,

nor mount into my throne.

Lo! former scenes, predicted once

conspicuous rise to view;

And future scenes, predicted now,

shall be accomplished too.

Sing to the Lord in joyful strains!

let earth his praise resound,

Ye who upon the ocean dwell,

and fill the isles around!

O city of the Lord! begin

the universal song;

And let the scattered villages

the cheerful notes prolong.

Let Kedar’s wilderness afar

lift up its lonely voice;

And let the tenants of the rock

with accents rude rejoice;

Till ‘midst the streams of distant lands

the islands sound his praise;

And all combined, with one accord,

JEHOVAH’s glories raise.

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