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Hymns for the Sundays and Chief Festivals of the Christian Year

First sunday in Advent: The Dawn

Second Sunday in Advent: The Coming of the Day of the Lord

Third Sunday in Advent: Christ the Deliverer

Fourth Sunday in Advent: Christ the King of all Men

Christmas Eve: A Carol

Christmas Day: The Word made flesh

St. Stephen's Day: A Battle-Song in troubled times

Saint John the Evangelist: Christ the Life of the Soul

Innocents Day: The Childlike Heart

Sunday after Christmas-day: The Desire of all Nations

The Circumcision of Christ: A Hymn for New Year's Day

Epiphany: The Manifestation of the Light of the World

First Sunday After Epiphany: The Christian Sacrifice

Second Sunday after Epiphany: God's Sovereignty our Stronghold of Hope

Third Sunday after Epiphany: The Word of God

Fourth Sunday After Epiphany: A Prayer in mental Conflict

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany: A Prayer for the Presence of the Spirit of God in the Church

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany: Aspiration after Purity and Holiness

Septuagesima Sunday: The Christian Warfare

Sexagesima Sunday: A Spring Song

Quinquagesima Sunday: Love the root of all Excellence

Quinquagesima Sunday: Christ opening the Eyes of the Blind

Ash Wednesday: A Cry for Mercy

First Sunday in Lent: The Loneliness and Anguish of Penitence

Second Sunday in Lent: Clinging to Christ in utter Need

Third Sunday in Lent: A Warning of Judgment

Fourth Sunday in Lent: Confession of Sin

Fifth Sunday in Lent: Tarrying for Light and Help

Palm Sunday: Christ's Entry into Jerusalem

Monday in Passion Week: Christ weeping over Jerusalem

Tuesday in Passion Week: Christ's Death our Purification

Wednesday in Passion Week: Christ's Death our Redemption

Thursday in Passion Week: Our Requital of Christ's Love

Good Friday. Morning: The Crucifixion

Good Friday. Evening: The Love of God in Christ

Easter Even: Rest in the Grave

Easter Day. Morning: The Triumph over Death

Easter Day. Evening: The Resurrection from the Death of Sin

Monday in Easter Week: The Benefits of Christ's Resurrection

Tuesday in Easter Week: Christ's Life the Source and Pledge of Ours

First Sunday after Easter: The Kingdom of Heaven in the midst of us

Second Sunday after Easter: The Good Shepherd

Third Sunday After Easter: A Song of Joy after a time of Sorrow

Fourth Sunday After Easter: The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Fifth Sunday after Easter: Christ the Champion of His Church

Ascension Day: The Soul longing to be where Christ is

Sunday After Ascension Day: The Homeward Journey

Whit Sunday: The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Monday in Whitsun-Week: The Spirit of God the Spirit of Love, Joy, and Peace

Tuesday in Whitsun-Week: The Spirit of God the Witness to His Son

Trinity Sunday: The Fount of Being, the Word, the uniting Spirit

First Sunday after Trinity: The Love of God

Second Sunday after Trinity: The Love of His Children

Third Sunday after Trinity: Peace in Trouble

Fourth Sunday after Trinity: Sharing the Cross and the Crown

Fifth Sunday after Trinity: The Good Soldier of Christ

Sixth Sunday after Trinity: Self Surrender to God

Seventh Sunday after Trinity: A Summer Song

Eighth Sunday after Trinity: The Spirit of God the Fountain of Wisdom and Purity

Ninth Sunday after Trinity: The Choice

Tenth Sunday after Trinity: Longing of the Heart after God

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity: God's Presence the Source of all Joy

Twelfth Sunday after Trinity: The Sin of Weakness

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity: Trust in God

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity: The Cross our Glory

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity: The Secret of Content

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity: God's sure Help in Sorrow

Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity: The Song of the Christian Pilgrim

Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity: Vow to be true to Christ in an Age of Apostasy

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity: Living Faith

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity: Rejoicing in God the Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier

Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity: Luther's Psalm

Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity: The Unsearchable Wisdom of God

Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity: Aspiration after the Life Eternal

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity: The One Thing Needful

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity: Rejoice, the Lord is at hand

St. Andrew's Day: Following Christ

St. Thomas the Apostle: The Soul's Joy in discovering Christ, the link between God and Man

Presentation in the Temple: The Song of Simeon

St. Matthias' Day: The True Rest

The Annunciation: The Happiness of the Soul that has no Will but God's

St. Barnabas' Day: The Merciful Providence of God

St. Michael and all Angels: The Ministry of Angels

All Saint's Day: The Company of the Blest

Morning Hymns

Evening Hymns

Hymns for the Sick and Dying

Hymns for the Burial of the Dead

Addendum: Manuscript Notes


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