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Help with File Formats

MIDI Files
Sheet Music
Electronic Scores
The hymn tunes in this collection are provided in various formats, for various software and uses. Sheet music is provided in PDF files, which can be read or printed almost anywhere (with Adobe Acrobat Reader) but which are very hard to edit. Electronic scores are provided in various formats, which may be easily edited if you have the right software, but cannot be used at all otherwise. MIDI is probably the most versatile and widely supported format. The MIDI files may be played on most computers, edited with widely used sequencing tools, or imported into most music editors.

Eventually the databases used to build these indexes will be available in XML format.

Related hymn lyrics and hymnological resources have primarily been contributed to the CCEL itself; but some texts that are too short or ephemeral to fit the CCEL's vision are included here; some texts not yet published in the CCEL are temporarily included here.