Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary
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What's Coming to the CCEH

I would like to see all of the CCEL grow as a source for hymnody and hymnology. I'll look for significant works, currently unavailable on the web, in these categories:

Projects that are currently underway include:

Specific works that have been identified as desirable, and for which scannable versions are available, include:

These works are available for scanning. They are lower on my priority list, but might move up if interest was expressed, are:

I'd consider scanning other works made available to me for that purpose; or helping proof, markup, or sequence MIDIs on other projects.

Other Projects

I'm happy to see the Oremus Hymnal project taking on Anglican hymnals including the 1906 English Hymnal, which would otherwise be on my short list. The Lutheran Hymnal Project is similarly addressing hymnals in the American Lutheran tradition. I want to avoid duplicating effort, and will encourage collaboration and content sharing or hosting. Please contact me if I can help in any way, or if you'd like to contribute content.