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What's new in the CCEH

The CCEH is under development; see also Projects in Progress and Help Wanted to get an idea of possible future content. The priorities of this work may be adjusted to match expressed interest.

2003.11.28 Revised home pages and documentation;
Added "Resources" page;
New resource: Introduction to Anglican chant;
New resource: Encyclopedia featuring 15 biographies of hymnwriters or prefaces to hymnals.
2000.11.26 100 hymn tunes, a few with index information only.
2000.11.22 100 hymn tunes
2000.11.12 100 hymn tunes, including more complete indexes for the Baptist Hymnal (1975).
2000.10.28 100 hymn tunes; also incorporated many of the tunes and scores from the CCEL's "200 MIDI Files"
2000.10.01 100 hymn tunes, now including a total of 12 from the seminal tunebook by Orlando Gibbons in 1623; improved consistency in source descriptions.
2000.09.23 400 hymn tunes from various sources, nearly all with music; improved introduction; some index and link validation.
2000.08.10 Initial 500 hymn tunes, corresponding roughly to the public-domain contents of (the Southern Baptist) Baptist Hymnal, 1975; 400 with music.