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Finding Lyrics for Hymns

Why are there no lyrics here?

The CCEH began as an index only, and only of hymn tunes. When expanded into an archive including music, it was still conceived as a musical complement to lyrics-only hymn archives.

Many of the older hymn tunes have been used with different texts (and vice versa): so a flexible archive must index the tunes and texts separately.

The hymn texts in the CCEL are mostly from words-only sources. The latest version of The Hymnal (Episcopal, 1916) includes links to CCEH tunes, and I hope to add other future projects with the same feature. Apart from the tune-text linkages in a particular hymnal, there is really no authentic way of directly linking tunes and texts together. Metric indexes can be used to find possible combinations.

How can I search for Hymn Texts on the Net?