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Magic: A Fantastic Comedy (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Man Who Knew Too Much (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Man Who Was Thursday (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Manalive (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services (Dimitrii Sokolof)

Marrow of Modern Divinity (Edward Fisher)

Martyrs Mirror (Thieleman J. van Braght)

Martyrs of the Catacombs: A Tale of Ancient Rome (Anonymous)

Master and Man (Leo Tolstoy)

Master's Indwelling (Andrew Murray)

Matelda and the Cloister of Hellfde (Frances Bevan)

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible [Volume Index] (Matthew Henry)

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible (Matthew Henry)

Maxims of the Saints (François Fénelon)

Meaning of Prayer (H. E. Fosdick)

Meditating on Scripture with the Saints (Mark Pasko)

Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ (John Owen)

Meditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (John Tauler)

Meister Eckhart's Sermons (Johannes Eckhart)

Meister Eckharts Mystische Schriften: In Unsere Sprache Übertragen von Gustav Landauer. (Johannes Eckhart) [German]

Memorial (Blaise Pascal)

Messages From the Epistle of Hebrews (Handley Moule)

Messiah (George Frideric Handel)

Messiah Vol. 1 (John Newton)

Messiah Vol. 2 (John Newton)

Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption (John Flavel)

Mind's Road to God (St. Bonaventure)

Minor Prophets - A Commentary Explanatory and Practical: Volume 1 (Edward Bouverie Pusey)

Minor Prophets A Commentary Explanatory and Practical: Volume 2 (Edward Bouverie Pusey)

Miracles of Jesus (Karl Beth)

Miracles of Our Lord (George MacDonald)

Mirror for Monks. (Louis of Blois [Ludovicus Blosius])

Miscellaneous Pieces (John Bunyan)

Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries (Adolf Harnack)

Monasticism: Its Ideals and History and The Confessions of St Augustine (Adolf Harnack)

Monkey who Wouldn’t Kill (Henry Drummond)

Moody's Anecdotes and Illustrations: Related in his Revival Work by the Great Evangelist (Dwight Lyman Moody)

Morning and Evening Prayers for All Days of the Week (Johann Habermann)

Morning and Evening: Daily Readings (C. H. Spurgeon)

Music in the History of the Western Church (Edward Dickinson)

My Life in Christ, or Moments of Spiritual Serenity and Contemplation, of Reverent Feeling, of Earnest Self-Amendment, and of Peace in God (St John of Kronstadt)

My Story: The Latter Rain (Frank Bartleman)

Mystery of Islam (Abraham Kuyper) Copyrighted

Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness (Evelyn Underhill)