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As most of you know, CCEL relies on the download donations and the sale of our CDs and iPhone apps to support our on-going mission. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on our products and Web site either privately or by way of posting reviews on Amazon.com or iTunes.

Information about writing and submitting reviews is outlined below. Feel free to contact Ken Verhulst if you have additional questions, need help obtaining review copies of our CDs, or if you'd like help obtaining pass codes to download our NRSV Devotional Bible. We are appreciative of your support!

The most helpful reviews are the ones that describe what the user likes about the product/app as well as potential improvements. Here are two "examples."

Examples of CCEL Products reviewed on Amazon.com. (After getting to the page, you will need to scroll down near the bottom.) Here's one of the reviews:

As a student of Christian history, I've found this CD to be really quite useful. This collection represents a wide variety of Christian perspectives throughout history. The interface is very easy, every piece of literature is searchable, the setup is a breeze. You can choose which works and/or authors to download directly from the CD to your computer, and which to access from the CD only.

The features are very easy to use; installation is easy; use is easy. Having these authors is great for personal study, for academic study, for devotional exploration. I highly recommend this collection, for anyone who wants to explore for themselves the perspectives, arguments, and doctrines throughout the Christian ages.

Here's another CCEL product review:

The thing I enjoyed the most about this product is that it makes following Clement's train of thought much easier; reading the text the first time through was a very dry and difficult experience for me. But after listening to Clement's epistle, going back and reading it was easier, because I knew where he was going and why he wanted to go there. As a student, this made study much, much easier.

For those who know what they're doing, transfer from CD to mp3 player is definitely possible, which makes on-the-go listening much easier. If you are interested in getting familiar with the history of the Church, this is an excellent place to start, because it provides you with concrete evidence of how the early Church leaders used Old Testament accounts, and how they modeled their actions on the examples of the Apostles.

Highly recommended!

Here is some additional information about products we'd like reviewed:

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