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Rainy, Robert (1826-1906)

Ramsay, William Mitchell (1851-1939)

Rand, E. K.

Ray, John (1627-1705)

Reeves, Jeremiah Bascom

Renan, Joseph Ernest (1823-1892).

Richardson, Cyril C. (1909-1976)

Roberts, Benson H.

Robertson, Archibald Thomas (1863-1934)

Robertson, James Craigie, Canon of Canterbury (1813-1882)

Robinson, John (1575-1625)

Rolle of Hampole, Richard (c. 1290-c. 1349)

Rolt, Clarence Edwin (1880-1917)

Rufinus, Tyrannius (ca. 345-410)

Rutherford, Alexander C.

Rutherford, Samuel (1600-1661)

Ruysbroeck, John of, St. (1293-1381)

Ryden, Ernest Edwin (1886-1981)

Ryle, John Charles (1816-1900)