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Chapter 10. Retirement in Paddington; Wesley Slandered; Premonitions; A Dream

1754. Tuesday, January 1.—I returned once more to London.

On Wednesday, 2, I set out in the machine and the next afternoon came to Chippenham. Here I took a post chaise, in which I reached Bristol about eight in the evening.

Friday, 4.—I began drinking the water at the Hot Well, having a lodging at a small distance from it; and on Sunday, 6, I began writing Notes on the New Testament, a work which I should scarcely ever have attempted had I not been so ill as not to be able to travel or preach, and yet so well as to be able to read and write.

Monday, 7.—I went on now in a regular method, rising at my hour and writing from five to nine at night; except the time of riding, half an hour for each meal, and the hour between five and six in the evening.

Thursday, 31.—My wife desiring to pay the last office to her poor dying child, set out for London and came a few days before he went home, rejoicing and praising God.

Tuesday, March 19 (Bristol).—Having finished the rough draught, I began transcribing the Notes on the Gospels.

Tuesday, 26.—I preached for the first time, after an intermission of four months. What reason have I to praise God that He does not take the Word of His truth utterly out of my mouth!

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