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Wesley His Own Doctor

Wednesday, 28.—I found no change for the better, the medicines which had helped me before now taking no effect. About noon (the time that some of our brethren in London had set apart for joining in prayer) a thought came into my mind to make an experiment. So I ordered some stone brimstone to be powdered, mixed with the white of an egg, and spread on brown paper, which I applied to my side. The pain ceased in five minutes, the fever in half an hour; and from this hour I began to recover strength. The next day I was able to ride, which I continued to do every day till January 1. Nor did the weather hinder me once; it being always tolerably fair (however it was before) between twelve and one o’clock.

Friday, December 14.—Having finished all the books which I designed to insert in the “Christian Library,” I broke through the doctor’s order not to write and began transcribing a journal for the press; and in the evening I went to prayers with the family, without finding any inconvenience.

Thursday, 20.—I felt a gradual increase of strength till I took a decoction of the bark, which I do not find (such is the peculiarity of my constitution) will agree with me in any form whatever. This immediately threw me into a purging, which brought me down again a few days and quite disappointed me in my design of going out on Christmas Day.

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