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Wesley Retires to Paddington

Monday, April 1.—We set out in the machine, and the next evening reached the Foundry.

Wednesday, 3.—I settled all the business I could and the next morning retired to Paddington. Here I spent some weeks in writing; only going to town on Saturday evenings, and leaving it again on Monday morning.

In my hours of walking I read Dr. Calamy’s Abridgment of Mr. Baxter’s Life. What a scene is opened here! In spite of all the prejudice of education, I could not but see that the poor Nonconformists had been used without either justice or mercy; and that many of the Protesant 2020     Incorrect in the text. bishops of King Charles had neither more religion nor humanity than the popish Bishops of Queen Mary.

Monday, 29.—I preached at Sadler’s Wells in what was formerly a playhouse. I am glad when it pleases God to take possession of what Satan esteemed his own ground. The place, though large, was extremely crowded; and deep attention sat on every face.

Wednesday, May 22.—Our conference began; and the spirit of peace and love was in the midst of us. Before we parted, we all willingly signed an agreement not to act independently of each other: so that the breach lately made has only united us more closely together than ever.

June 2.—(Being Whitsunday.) I preached at the Foundry, which I had not done before in the evening; still I have not recovered my whole voice or strength, perhaps I never may; but let me use what I have.

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