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Wesley at Cardiff

Thursday, October 1.—We set out for Wales; but missing our passage over the Severn in the morning, it was sunset before we could get to Newport. We inquired there if we could hire a guide to Cardiff; but there was none to be had. A lad coming in quickly after, who was going (he said) to Lanissan, a little village two miles to the right of Cardiff, we resolved to go thither. At seven we set out: it rained pretty fast, and there being neither moon nor stars, we could neither see any road, nor one another, nor our own horses’ heads; but the promise of God did not fail; He gave His angels charge over us. Soon after ten we came safe to Mr. William’s house at Lanissan.

Friday, 2.—We rode to Fonmon castle. We found Mr. Jones’s daughter ill of the smallpox; but he could cheerfully leave her and all the rest in the hands of Him in whom he now believed. In the evening I preached at Cardiff in the shire-hall, a large and convenient place, on “God hath given unto us eternal life, and this life is in his son” [I John 5:11]. There having been a feast in the town that day, I believed it needful to add a few words upon intemperance: and while I was saying, “As for you, drunkards, you have no part in this life; you abide in death; you choose death and hell,” a man cried out vehemently, “I am one; and thither I am going.” But I trust God at that hour began to show him and others “a more excellent way.”

Sunday, November 22 (Bristol).—Being not suffered to go to church as yet [after a serious fever], I communicated at home. I was advised to stay at home some time longer, but I could not apprehend it necessary. Therefore, on Monday, 23, went to the new room, where we praised God for all His mercies. And I expounded, for about an hour (without any faintness or weariness), on “What reward shall I give upon the Lord for all the benefits that he hath done unto me? I will receive the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord” [see Ps. 116:12, 13].

I preached once every day this week and found no inconvenience by it. Sunday, 29. I thought I might go a little farther. So I preached both at Kingswood and at Bristol and afterward spent nearly an hour with the society, and about two hours at the love feast. But my body could not yet keep pace with my mind. I had another fit of my fever the next day; but it lasted not long, and I continued slowly to regain my strength.

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