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A Curious Interruption

Monday, December 7.—I preached on “Trust ye in the Lord Jehovah; for in the Lord is everlasting strength” [Isa. 26:4]. I was showing what cause we had to trust in the Captain of our salvation, when one in the midst of the room cried out, “Who was your captain the other day, when you hanged yourself? I know the man who saw you when you were cut down.” This wise story, it seems, had been diligently spread abroad and cordially believed by many in Bristol. I desired they would make room for the man to come nearer. But the moment he saw the way open, he ran away with all possible speed, not so much as once looking behind him.

Saturday, 12.—In the evening one desired to speak with me. I perceived him to be in the utmost confusion so that for awhile he could not speak. At length, he said, “I am he that interrupted you at the new room, on Monday. I have had no rest since, day or night, nor could have till I had spoken to you. I hope you will forgive me and that it will be a warning to me all the days of my life.”

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