Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Of Creeds in General

Chapter 2. The Œcumenical Creeds.

Chapter 3. Creeds of the Greek Church

Chapter 4. The Creeds of the Roman Church.

Chapter 5. The Creeds of the Evangelical Churches.

Chapter 6. The Creeds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Chapter 7. The Creeds of the Evangelical Reformed Churches

The Reformed Confessions.

I. Reformed Confessions of Switzerland.

The Reformed Confessions of France and the Netherlands.

III. Reformed Confessions of Germany.

The Reformed Confessions of Bohemia, Poland, and Hungary.

V. the Anglican Articles of Religion.

The Presbyterian Confessions of Scotland.

The Westminster Standards.

Chapter 8. The Creeds of Modern Evangelical Denominations.

Index to Volume I


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