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In General

Kattenbusch: Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Confessionskunde, Freib., 1892.—Gumlich: Christ. Creeds and Conff., Engl. trans., N. Y., 1894.—Callows: Origin and Development of Creeds, London, 1899. S. G. Green: The Christ. Creed and the Creeds of Christendom, N. Y., 1899.—Skrine: Creed and the Creeds, their Function in Religion, London, 1911.—W. A. Curtis: Hist. of Creeds and Conff. of Faith in Christendom and Beyond, Aberdeen, 1911. An elaboration of the author's art., "Confessions," in Enc. of Rel. and Ethics; includes the principles of Mormonism, Christian Science and Tolstoy.—Hirsch: Art., "Creeds," in Enc. Brit., 14th ed.—The works on Symbolics of Loofs, and Briggs, N. Y., 1914.—Hase: Hdbook of the Controversy with Rome, 2 vols., London, 1906, trans. from Hase's Polemik, ed. of 1900.—Plitt: Grundriss der Symbolen, 7th ed., by Victor Schultze, Erl., 1921.—Mulert: Konfessionskunde, Giessen, 1929.

Collections of Creeds

Hahn, 3rd ed. enlarged, 1897.—C. Fabricius, prof. in Berlin, Corpus confessionum. Die Bekenntnisse des Christenthums. Sammlung grundlegender Urkunden aus allen Kirchen der Gegenwart, Berlin, 1928 sqq.—J. T. Müller: Die symb. Bücker der ev. luth. Kirche, deutsch und latein., 12th ed., 1928.— E. F. Karl Müller: Die Bekenntnisschriften der reform. Kirche, Leip., 1903.—For papal decrees: Acta, sedis sanctae, Rome.—Mirbt: Quellen zur Gesch. des Papsttums und des röm. Katholizismus, 4th ed., 1924.—Denzinger: Enchiridion symbolorum et definitionum, quae a concillis oecum. et summis pontificibus emanarunt, 17th ed. by Umberg, 1928.

Page 12.

A. E. Burn: Facsimiles of the Creeds, etc., London, 1899; Introd. to the Creeds and Te Deum, London, 1901.—Mortimer: The Creeds, App., Nic., Athanas., London, 1902.—A. Seeberg: Katechismus der Urchristenheit, 1903.—Turner: Hist. and Use of Creeds in the Early Centuries of the Church, London, 1906.—Bp. E. C. S. Gibson: The Three Creeds, Oxf., 1908.—Wetzer and Welte: Enc. 2nd ed. V., 676–690.—Loofs: Symbolik, pp. 1–70.—Briggs: Theol. Symbolics, pp. 34–121.—F. J. Badcock: The Hist. of Creeds, App., Nic., and Athanas., London, 1930, pp. 248.

Page 14.

The Apostles Creed: Kattenbusch: Das apostol. Symbol, 2 vols., Leipsic, 1894–1900.—Zahn: Das apostol. Symbol, Erl., 1893, transl. by Burn from 2nd ed., London, 1899.—Harnack, in Herzog Enc., I, 741–55 and separately in Engl. 1901.—H. B. Swete: The App. Creed. Its Relation to Prim. Christianity, Cambr., 1894.—Kunze: Glaubensregel, hl. Schrift und Taufbekenntniss, Leipsic, 1899; Das apostol. Glaubensbekenntniss und das N. T., Berlin, 1911, Engl. trans. by Gilmore, N. Y., 1912.— Künstle: Bibliothek der Symbole, Mainz, 1901.—A. C. McGiffert: The App. Creed. Its Origin, Purpose, etc., N. Y., 1902.—Bp. A. MacDonald (R. C.): The App. Creed. A Vindication of its Apostol. Authority, 1903, 2nd ed., London, 1925.—The App. Creed. Questions of Faith, Lectures by Denney, Marcus Dods, Lindsay, etc., London, 1904.—Popular treatments by Canon Beeching, 1906; W. R. Richards, N. Y., 1906; Barry, N. Y., 1912; Bp. Bell, 1917, 1919; McFadyen, 1927; H. P. Sloan, N. Y., 1930.—Also Bardenhewer: Gesch. der altchr. Lit., 2nd ed., I, 82-90.

Page 24.

The Nicene Creed: Hort: Two Dissertations on the Constan. Creed, London, 1876.—Lias: The Nicene Creed, 1897.—Kunze: Das nic.-konstant. Symbol, Leipsic, 1898.—Harnack, in Herzog Enc. XI., 12–27, and Schaff-Herzog, III, 256–260.—Bp. Headlam: The Nic. Creed. Noting differences between the Rom. and Angl. Churches.

Pages 43–68.

Die Bekenntnisse und wichtigsten Glaubenszeugnisse der griech.-oriental. Kirche (thesauros tes orthodoxias) ed., by Michalcescu, with Introd. by Hauck, Leipsic, 1904. Includes creeds and decrees of the first seven œcum. councils.—Loofs: Symbolik, pp. 77–181.—Adeney: The Gr. and East. Churches, N. Y., 1908.—Fortescue (R. C.): The Orthod. East. Church, last ed., London, 1916.—Langsford-James: Dict. of the East. Orthod. Church, London, 1923.—The art. in Herzog, "Gennadius II," "Jeremias," "Lukaris," etc.—Birkbeck: The Russ. and Engl. Churches, during the last fifty years, London, 1895.—Frère: Links in the Chain of Russ. Ch. Hist., London, 1918.

Page 69.

Bonewitsch: Kirchengesch. Russlands, Leipsic, 1923.—Reyburn: Story of the Russ. Church, London, 1924.—Spinka (prof. in Chicago Theol. Seminary): The Church and the Russ. Revolution, N. Y., 1927.xviiHecker (student of Drew and Union Theol. Seminaries and Prof. of Theol., Moscow): Rel. under the Soviets, N. Y., 1927; Soviet Russia in the Second Decade, 1928.—Emhardt: Rel. in Soviet Russia, Milwaukee, 1929.—M. Hindus (b. in Russia): Humanity Uprooted, N. Y., 1929.—Batsell: Soviet Rule in Russia, N. Y., 1930.—The Engl. White Paper, Aug. 12, 1930, which gives a trans. of Soviet regulations "respecting religion in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics."

Page 83.

A. Straub (prof. at Innsbruck): de Ecclesia, 2 vols., Innsbr., 1912.—Ryan and Millar: The State and the Church, N. Y., 1902.—F. Heiler (ex-Cath., prof. in Marburg): Der Katholizismus, seine Idee und seine Erscheinung, Munich, 1923.—Döllinger-Reusch: Selbstbiographie des Kard. Bellarmin, with notes, 1887.—Card. Gibbons, d. 1921: The Faith of Our Fathers, 1875.—The works and biographies of Card. Newman, d. 1890, and Card. Manning, d. 1892.—D. S. Schaff: Our Fathers' Faith and Ours, N. Y., 1928.

Page 91.

Buckley, 2 vols., 1852, gives the Reformatory decisions of the council as well as the Decrees and Canons.—Donovan: Profession and Catechism of the C. of Trent, 1920 and since.—Mirbt: Quellen zur Gesch. des Papsttums. Gives large excerpts from the Tridentine standards.—Froude: Lectures on the C. of Trent, 1896.—Pastor: Gesch. der Päpste, vol. vii.—The Ch. Histories of Hergenröther-Kirsch, Funk, etc.

Page 134.

Mirbt, pp. 456–466.—Shotwell-Loomis: The See of St. Peter. Trans. of patristic documents, N. Y., 1927.—Granderath, S.J.: Gesch. des Vat. Konzils, ed. by Kirch, 3 vols., Freib. in Breis., 1903.—Döllinger-Friedrich: Das Papsttum, 1892.—Lord Acton: The Vatican Council in "Freedom of Thought."—Pastor: Hist. of the Popes, vol. x. for Sixtus V.'s ed. of the Vulgate.—Card. Gibbons (a member of the council): Retrospect of Fifty Years, 2 vols., 1906.—The biographies of Manning by Purcell, 2 vols., 1896; Ketteler by Pfulf, 3 vols., Mainz, 1899; Newman by Ward, 4 vols., 1912.— Straub: de Ecclesia, vol. ii., 358–394.—Nielsen: The Papacy in the 19th Cent., vol. ii., pp. 290–374.— Koch: Cyprian und das röm. Primat, 1910.—Schnitzer: Hat Jesus das Papstthum gestiftet? and Das Papstthum keine Stiftung Jesus, 1910.—Count von Hoensbroech (was sixteen years a Jesuit, d. 1923): Das Papstthum in social-kult. Wirsamkeit, 3 vols., 4th ed., 1903.—Lietzmann: Petrus und Paulus in Rom, 2nd ed., 1927.—Koch: Cathedra Petri (dedicated to Schnitzer), Giessen, 1930.

Page 220.

H. E. Jacobs: The Book of Concord or the Symbol. Books of the Ev. Luth. Church, 2 vols., Phil., 1882, 1912.—The Luth. Cyclopedia by Jacobs and Haas, Phil., 1899.—Concordia Cyclopedia, 3 vols., 1927.— Schmid: The Doctr. Theol. of the Ev. Luth. Ch., trans. by Hay and Jacobs, 3rd ed., Phil., 1899.—Luther's Primary Writings, trans. by Buchheim and Wace, 1896.—Luther's Works, Engl. trans., 2 vols., Phil., 1915.—Luther's Correspondence, trans. by P. Smith and Jacobs, 2 vols., 1913-1918.—Lives of Luther by Schaff in "Hist. of Chr. Church," vol. vi.; Jacobs, 1898; Lindsay in "Hist. of the Reformation," 1906; Preserved Smith, 1911; McGiffert, 1914; Boehmer, Engl. trans., 1916; Mackinnon, 4 vols., 1925-1930; Denifle (R. C.), 2 vols., 2nd ed., 1904; Grisar (R. C.), Engl. trans., 3 vols., 1911, 1912.—P. Smith: Age of the Reformation, 1920.—Döllinger: Akad. Vorträge, vol. i, 1872. Written after his repudiation of the dogma of Infallibility.

Page 225.

Editions of the Augsb. Conf. in Latin and German texts by Kolde,Gotha, 1896, 1911 and Wendt, Halle, 1927.—Ficker: Konfutation des Augsb. Bekenntnisses, Leipsic, 1892.—A number of publications bearing on the Augsb. Confession were issued in connexion with the quadricentennial of the Confession's appearance, 1930.

Page 354.

Zwingli: Sämmtliche Werke, ed. by Egli, Köhler, etc., 1904, sqq.—Karl Müller: Die Bekenntnissschriften der reformirten Kirche, Leipsic, 1903. Contains documents not given by Schaff, as Calvin's Genevan Catechism, pp. 117–158; Hungar. Conf. of 1562, pp. 376–448; the Larger Westminster Cat., pp. 612–643; the Nassau Cat. of 1578, pp. 720–738, and the Hesse Cat. of 1607, pp. 822–833.—Lives of Zwingli by Stähelin, 2 vols., Basel, 1897; S. M. Jackson, N. Y., 1901. Also Selections from Zwingli, Phil., 1901.—S. Simpson, N. Y., 1902; Egli in Herzog Encycl., vol. xxi.—Humbel: Zwingli im Spiegel der gleichzeit. schweizer. Lit., 1912.

Page 388.

Art., "Bullinger," by Egli in Herzog Encycl., vol. iii., pp. 536–549.—Bullinger: Diarium, ed. by Egli, Basel, 1904, and Gegensatz der ev. und röm. Lehre, ed. by Kügelgen, 1906.—Art., "Helvetische Konfessionen," by Karl Müller in Herzog Encycl., vol. vii and "Helvetische Konfessionsformeln" by Egli, vol. vii.

Page 421.

Choisy: L’état chr. à Génève au temps de Th. de Bèze, Paris, 1903.—Borgeau: Hist. de l’université de Génève, Paris, 1903.—Lives of Calvin by Schaff in "Hist. of Chr. Ch.," vol. vii.; Kampfschulte, xviiied. by Goetz, 2 vols., 1899; Doumergue, 7 vols., Lausanne, 1899–1927; W. W. Walker, N. Y., 1906; Reyburn, London, 1914; Lindsay in "Hist. of the Reformation," vol. ii.

Page 502.

The Works of B. B. Warfield, Oxf., 1928 sqq.

Page 565.

Workman and Pope: Letters of J. Hus, London, 1904.—Lives of Huss by Count Lützow, London, 1909; D. S. Schaff, N. Y., 1915, and Huss' de Ecclesia, trans. with Notes, N. Y., 1915.—Kitts: John XXIII. and J. Hus, London, 1910. Müller in Bekenntnisschriften gives in full the Hungar. Confessions and the Bohem. Conf . of 1609.

Page 568.

The Nobla Leycon, with Notes, ed., by Stefano, Paris, 1909.—Comba, father and son: Hist., of the Waldenses in Italy, Engl. trans. 1889; Storia dei Valdesi, 1893.—Jalla: Hist. des Vaudois, Torre Pelice, 1904.

Page 589.

Balogh: Hist. of the Ref. Ch. in Hungary in Ref . Ch. Rev., July, 1906.

Page 592.

Use of Sarum, ed. from MSS. by Frère, 2 vols., Cambr., 1898-1901.—Gee and Hardy: Documents Illustr. of Engl. Ch. Hist.—Prothero: Select Statutes of Elizabeth and James I.—H. E. Jacobs: The Luth. Ch. Movement in Engl., Phil., 1870, 1891.—Lindsay: Hist. of the Reformation, vol. ii., pp. 315–418.—The Hist. of the Engl. Ch. from Henry VIII. to Mary's Death by Gairdner and under Elizabeth and James I. by Frère, 1902, 1904.—Pollard: Henry VIII., London, 1902, Thos. Cranmer, 1904; Wolsey, 1929.

Page 650.

Tiffany: Hist. of the Prot. Bp. Ch., N. Y., 1895.—Hodges: Three Hundred Years of the Ep. Ch. in Am., Phil., 1907.—Cross: The Angl. Episcopate and the Am. Colonies, N. Y., 1902.

Page 669.

Histories of the Scotch Reformation by Mitchell, 1900; Fleming, 1904, 1910; MacEwan, 1913.—Lives of Knox by Cowan, 1905; P. H. Brown, 1905.—A. Lang: J. Knox and the Reformation, 1905.

Pages 701, 820, 835.

H. M. Dexter: The Congregationalists of the Last 300 Years, N. Y., 1880.—W. W. Walker: Creeds and Platforms of Congregationalism, N. Y., 1893; Hist. of the Cong. Churches in the U. S., N. Y., 1894.—J. Brown: The Engl. Puritans, London, 1910.—R. C. Usher: Reconstruction of the Engl. Ch., 2 vols., London, 1910.—W. Selbie: Engl. Sects. Congregationalism, London, 1922.—Orig. Narratives of Early Am. Hist., ed. by Jamieson, N. Y., 1908, sqq.—W. E. Barton: Congr. Creeds and Covenants, Chicago, 1917.

Page 813.

McDonnold: Hist. of the Cumber. Presb. Ch., Nashville, 1888.—Miller: Doctr. of the Cumberl. Presb. Ch., Nashville, 1892.

Page 840.

Vedder: Balthazar Hübmaier, N. Y., 1903.—Newman: Hist. of the Bapt. Chh. in the U. S., N. Y., 1894.—Underhill: Conff. of Faith of the Bapt. Chh. in England in the 17th Century, London, 1854.—McGlothlin: Bapt. Conff. of Faith, Phil., 1911.—Carroll: Baptists and their Doctrines, N. Y., 1913.

Page 859.

Thomas: Hist. of the Soc. of Friends, in "Am. Ch. Hist. Series," N. Y., 1894.—Sharpless: Hist. of Quaker Govt. in Pa., 2 vols., Phil., 1898.—R. M. Jones: The Quakers in the Am. Colonies, London, 1911; The Faith and Practice of the Quakers, 1927.—Holder: The Quakers in Great Britain and Am., N. Y., 1913.

Page 874.

Hamilton: Hist. of the Morav. Ch., Bethlehem, 1900. Also in "Am. Ch. Hist. Series."

Page 882.

The Journal of John Wesley, 8 vols., ed. by Curnock, London, 1910.—Buckley: Hist. of the Methodists in the U. S., N. Y., 1896.—E. S. Tipple: The Heart of Asbury's Journal, N. Y., 1905.—Simon: Revival of Rel. in England in the 18th Cent., London, 1907.—Lidgett and Reed: Methodism in the Modern World, London, 1929.—Rattenburg: Wesley's Legacy to the World, London, 1930.—Allen: Methodism and Modern World Problems, London, 1930.—Lunn: J. Wesley, London, 1929.—Lives of Asbury, by Tipple, N. Y., 1916, and J. Lewis, 1927.


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