Selection from his Letters

by Samuel Rutherford


This volume features approximately 70 letters written by Samuel Rutherford to members of his church after the English Episcopacy exiled him for his nonconformist beliefs. In many of Rutherford's letters, it is evident by his tone that he was struggling with the deep sorrow of being separated from his church family. Each letter is addressed to its recipient by name. Often, a heading will indicate the particular reason for Rutherford's letter, usually a death or illness in the recipient's family. Having experienced the death of his wife and two children years before his exile, Rutherford was inspired by God to become a comforter to those who suffered personal loss. Sometimes, Rutherford wrote letters to congratulate an individual on his or her conversion to the faith. Other times, Rutherford sent letters of blessing and encouragement. Each letter is unique in style and reflects Rutherford's sincere love for his congregation. The short letters in this volume are wonderful pieces for meditation and reflection.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of Samuel Rutherford
Picture of Samuel Rutherford
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 1600
Died: March 30, 1661
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