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Waring, Anna Lvetitia, the daughter of Elijah Waring and niece of Samuel Miller Waring, the hymn writer, was born at Neath, in Southern Wales, in 1820. As late as 1893 she was living at Clifton, near Bristol, England. Her Hymns and Meditations were published in London in 1853. This book was republished in Philadelphia in 1859 by "The Association of Friends for the Diffusion of Religious and Useful Knowledge," and again in Boston in 1863. The volume contains only thirty-two pieces, and three of these are in this Hymnal. "The tone of spiritual thought and feeling in most of the pieces is very lofty and very pure. The ideas of a Christian life which are wrought into the poetry are always both strong and tender, vigorous and gentle, brave and trustful." We hope to obtain additional facts concerning Miss Waring for insertion in later editions of this volume.

Father, I know that all my life 465
In heavenly love abiding 452
My Saviour, on thy word of truth 364
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