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Ware, Henry, a Unitarian minister and professor of theology, was born at Hingham, Mass., April 21, 1794; graduated at Harvard College in 1812, and taught school for two or three years in Exeter Academy; was licensed to preach in the Unitarian Church in 1815; became pastor of the Second Unitarian Church of Boston in 1817, and in 1829, his health being impaired, Ralph Waldo Emerson was called in to be his assistant pastor. In 1830 he became Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Pastoral Theology in the Cambridge Theological School, continuing there until 1842, when he resigned. He died at Framingham September 25, 1843. Four years after his death his works were collected and publish in four volumes. He wrote a large number of hymns, about a dozen or more of which are possessed of more than ordinary excellence and are in common use, particularly among Unitarians.

Lift your glad voices in triumph on 159
We rear not a temple like Judah's 666
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