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Warner, Anna Bartlett, daughter of Henry W. Warner and sister of Susan Warner (1819-85), the authoress, was born in 1820 at Martlaer, West Point, New York. She is the author of some fifteen or twenty volumes. She edited Hymns of the Church Militant, 1858. Her first volume, Say and Seal, 1859, prepared in association with her sister, contained one of the most popular hymns for young people ever written in America, beginning:

Jesus loves me, this I know,

For the Bible tells me so.

In 1869 she published Wayfaring Hymns, Original and Translated. The titles of her successive volumes (most of which have been published under the pen name of "Amy Lothrop") may be found in any biography of American authors. She resides at Martlaer's Rock, West Point, N. Y.

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