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Hymn 95

John Newton



Mk 10:47,48

Mercy, O thou Son of David!

Thus blind Bartimaeus prayed;

Others by thy word are saved,

Now to me afford thine aid:

Many for his crying chid him,

But he called the louder still;

Till the gracious Savior bid him

“Come, and ask me what you will.”

Money was not what he wanted,

Though by begging used to live;

But he asked, and JESUS granted

Alms, which none but he could give:


LORD remove this grievous blindness,

Let my eyes behold the day;

Strait he saw, and won by kindness,

Followed JESUS in the way.

O! methinks I hear him praising,

Publishing to all around;

“Friends, is not my case amazing?

What a Savior I have found:

O! that all the blind but knew him,

And would be advised by me!

Surely, would they hasten to him,

He would cause them all to see.”

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