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Hymn 96

William Cowper


The house of prayer.

Mk 11:17

Thy mansion is the christian’s heart,

O LORD, thy dwelling–place secure!

Bid the unruly throng depart,

And leave the consecrated door.

Devoted as it is to thee,

A thievish swarm frequents the place;

They steal away my joys from me,

And rob my Savior of his praise.

There too a sharp designing trade

Sin, Satan, and the world, maintain;

Nor cease to press me, and persuade,

To part with ease and purchase pain.

I know them, and I hate their din,

Am weary of the bustling crowd;


But while their voice is heard within,

I cannot serve thee as I would.

O! for the joy thy presence gives,

What peace shall reign when thou art here!

Thy presence makes this den of thieves,

A calm delightful house of prayer.

And if thou make thy temple thine,

Yet, self–abased, will I adore;

The gold and silver are not mine,

I give thee what was thine before.

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