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Hymn 94

John Newton


But one loaf 1111See also Book 3, Hymn 57

Mk 8:14118

When the disciples crossed the lake

With but one loaf on board;

How strangely did their hearts mistake

The caution of their Lord.

“The leaven of the Pharisees

Beware,” the Savior said;

They thought, it is because he sees

We have forgotten bread.

It seems they had forgotten too,

What their own eyes had viewed;

How with what scarce sufficed for few,

He fed a multitude.

If five small loaves, by his command,

Could many thousands serve;

Might they not trust his gracious hand,

That they should never starve?

They oft his pow’r and love had known,

And doubtless were to blame;

But we have reason good to own

That we are just the same.

How often has he brought relief,

And every want supplied!

Yet soon, again, our unbelief

Says, “Can the Lord provide?”

Be thankful for one loaf today,

Though that be all your store;

Tomorrow, if you trust and pray,

Shall timely bring you more.

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