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Sacred Poems and Hymns



Original Hymns

Hymn 1: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

Hymn 2: In the beginning, God said Be

Hymn 3: Praise the High, the Holy One

Hymn 4: The God of nature and of grace

Hymn 5: Hail, all hail, the King of kings

Hymn 6: There is a God, all Nature cries

Hymn 7: The glorious universe around

Hymn 8: What is the thing of greatest price

Hymn 9: Thus saith the high and lofty One

Hymn 10: God, in the high and holy place

Hymn 11: God the Creator blessed

Hymn 12: Heralds of creation! cry

Hymn 13: One human pair, and only one

Hymn 14: The days of Paradise were few

Hymn 15: Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declare

Hymn 16: To Adam thus Jehovah spake

Hymn 17: Bright and joyful is the morn

Hymn 18: Spirit of power and might, behold

Hymn 19: In vain the preacher cried, Repent

Hymn 20: A world of sinners once was drowned

Hymn 21: When men once more were multiplied

Hymn 22: Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit of Truth

Hymn 23: Return, my soul, unto thy rest

Hymn 24: Behold the Book, whose leaves display

Hymn 25: Words of eternal life to me

Hymn 26: What is the World?

Hymn 27: Thy law is perfect, Lord of light

Hymn 28: The Word of God, the Word of truth

Hymn 29: To us the voice of Wisdom cries

Hymn 30: O God, unseen, but not unknown

Hymn 31: With men impossible

Hymn 32: A child of man, a child of God

Hymn 33: A child is born, the birth proclaim

Hymn 34: The Name, the Name o'er every name

Hymn 35: Angels, the firstborn sons of light

Hymn 36: Let not the strong, the, rich, the wise

Hymn 37: To Thee in whom we live and move

Hymn 38: Come, ye that fear the Lord

Hymn 39: Where'er the Patriarch pitched his tent

Hymn 40: The Lord is my Shepherd

Hymn 41: The Lord is King: upon His throne

Hymn 42: Searcher of hearts, to Thee are known

Hymn 43: The Christian warrior

Hymn 44: Not by the brazen trumpet's voice

Hymn 45: Thank and praise Jehovah's name

Hymn 46: Lord, Thou hast been Thy people's rest

Hymn 47: O my soul! with all thy powers

Hymn 48: Go where a foot hath never trod

Hymn 49: He climbed the mountain; and behold

Hymn 50: When on Sinai's top I see

Hymn 51: People of the living God

Hymn 52: The scene arround me disappears

Hymn 53: Like Mary, when the angel came

Hymn 54: Green pastures and clear streams

Hymn 55: Thus far on life's perplexing path

Hymn 56: Spring up, O well, sweet fountain, spring

Hymn 57: Come to Calvary's holy mountain

Hymn 58: The world in condemnation lay

Hymn 59: When war on earth suspended

Hymn 60: Go to dark Gethsemane

Hymn 61: The morning dawns upon the place

Hymn 62: Prayer is the soul's sincere desire

Hymn 63: Our heavenly Father, hear our prayer

Hymn 64: What shall we ask of God in prayer?

Hymn 65: Lord, teach us how to pray aright

Hymn 66: O God! Thou art my God alone

Hymn 67: Ask, and ye shall receive

Hymn 68: Thou, God, art a consuming fire

Hymn 69: With wandering Jacob, let us say

Hymn 70: Almighty God, in humble prayer

Hymn 71: High Priest for sinners, Jesus, Lord

Hymn 72: O for the wisdom from above

Hymn 73: How shall a contrite spirit pray

Hymn 74: Patient prayer has power with God

Hymn 75: Bow every knee at Jesus' name

Hymn 76: Why thus, my soul, cast down?

Hymn 77: Lord, let my prayer like incense rise

Hymn 78: O! What a privilege to kneel

Hymn 79: Come to the Morning Prayer

Hymn 80: In the morning hear my voice

Hymn 81: While many cry in nature's night

Hymn 82: Out of the depths of woe

Hymn 83: Jesus, our best-beloved friend

Hymn 84: Power from on high, O God, impart

Hymn 85: One prayer I have, all prayers in one

Hymn 86: Stand up, and bless the Lord

Hymn 87: All ye gentiles, praise the Lord

Hymn 88: Come and behold the works of God

Hymn 89: Come let us sing the song of songs

Hymn 90: Songs of praise the angels sang

Hymn 91: Give glory to the Lord

Hymn 92: All Thy works, with one accord

Hymn 93: O God, we praise Thee, and we own

Hymn 94: Hark, the song of Jubilee

Hymn 95: This is the day the Lord hath made

Hymn 96: As the hart, with eager looks

Hymn 97: How shall we come before the Lord?

Hymn 98: Assembled in Thy house of prayer

Hymn 99: Command thy blessing from above

Hymn 100: Glad was my heart to hear

Hymn 101: God in his temple let us meet

Hymn 102: Again, on this rejoicing day

Hymn 103: Father of Jesus Christ our Lord

Hymn 104: With reverence and with godly fear

Hymn 105: How amiable, how fair

Hymn 106: All hearts are open to Thy view

Hymn 107: God is in His holy temple

Hymn 108: Here young and old, here great and small

Hymn 109: Not to the Mount that burn'd with fire

Hymn 110: The peace of God surpassing thought

Hymn 111: Son of the living God, display

Hymn 112: While these commands endure

Hymn 113: My House shall be an House of Prayer

Hymn 114: Come to the throne of Grace

Hymn 115: To Thy Temple I repair

Hymn 116: Joyful in Thy House of Prayer

Hymn 117: All hearts to Thee are open here

Hymn 118: Another day, a day of grace

Hymn 119: Come, let us go to heaven

Hymn 120: Millions within Thy courts have met

Hymn 121: One thing, with all my soul's desire

Hymn 122: To me to live, let it be Christ

Hymn 123: I love the Lord; He lent an ear

Hymn 124: We know the condescending grace

Hymn 125: He saved others, scorners cried

Hymn 126: And did the Son of God appear

Hymn 127: Come see the place where Jesus lay

Hymn 128: Morning of the Sabbath day

Hymn 129: According to thy gracious word

Hymn 130: Communion of my Saviour's blood

Hymn 131: On the first Christian Sabbath eve

Hymn 132: Let me go, the day is breaking

Hymn 133: Lift up your heads, ye gates!

Hymn 134: Praise the Lord through every nation

Hymn 135: Once more to Bethany,

Hymn 136: Lord God, the Holy Ghost

Hymn 137: Could I command with voice or pen

Hymn 138: Of him the sacred record saith

Hymn 139: Thus saith the Lord, My Church, to thee

Hymn 140: Our Heavenly Father! hear

Hymn 141: Praise ye the Lord, from pole to pole

Hymn 142: Lord of all power and might

Hymn 143: The lighthouse founded on a rock

Hymn 144: The one thing needful be our choice

Hymn 145: Call Jehovah thy salvation

Hymn 146: Father of lights from whom alone

Hymn 147: A race on earth, a race we run

Hymn 148: My Son, give me thine heart

Hymn 149: When those who feared the Lord of old

Hymn 150: Come in, thou blessed of the Lord

Hymn 151: Head of Thy Church, her glorious Head

Hymn 152: Union of faith, and hope, and love

Hymn 153: Come on, companions of our way

Hymn 154: Free, though in chains, the mountains stand

Hymn 155: The grace of Jesus Christ our Lord

Hymn 156: Work while it is to-day

Hymn 157: Palms of glory, raiment bright

Hymn 158: Fight the good fight

Hymn 159: Lord! give us ears to hear

Hymn 160: What is our life?

Hymn 161: To-day the Lord Our Shepherd leads

Hymn 162: Our Saviour's words are Watch and Pray:

Hymn 163: The Lord will grace and glory give

Hymn 164: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Hymn 165: Father! reveal Thy Son in me

Hymn 166: Dust and ashes, sin and guilt

Hymn 167: Humbly, my God, with Thee I walk

Hymn 168: Upon Thine altar, Lord, I lay

Hymn 169: Thine eye, Lord God, alone can see

Hymn 170: Lord, when we search the human heart

Hymn 171: I left the God of truth and light

Hymn 172: God! be merciful to me

Hymn 173: Mercy alone can meet my case

Hymn 174: The mountains shall depart

Hymn 175: I will love the Lord; for He

Hymn 176: Hear me, O Lord! in my distress

Hymn 177: O that I knew where I might find

Hymn 178: Lift Up thine eyes, afflicted soul

Hymn 179: Father! Thy will, not mine, be done

Hymn 180: Body and soul to Thee I give

Hymn 181: In spirit when I took my flight

Hymn 182: I cannot call affliction sweet

Hymn 183: Thousands, O Lord of Hosts! this day

Hymn 184: Him wilt Thou keep in perfect peace

Hymn 185: In time of tribulation

Hymn 186: Father of eternal grace

Hymn 187: Lord, for ever at Thy side

Hymn 188: Sweet is Thy mercy, O my God

Hymn 189: God is my strong salvation

Hymn 190: Yea, I will extol Thee

Hymn 191: Lovest thou Me? I hear my Saviour say

Hymn 192: I take the journey of a day

Hymn 193: In the hour of trial

Hymn 194: Blessed be Thy name

Hymn 195: He that overcomes through me

Hymn 196: Hid in the rock-cleft, let me stand

Hymn 197: Though the fig-tree's blossom fail

Hymn 198: The wind that brake the rocks, and rent

Hymn 199: How beautiful the sight

Hymn 200: Sing we the song of those who stand

Hymn 201: Sing a new song unto the Lord

Hymn 202: Now in holy convocation

Hymn 203: Moments and minutes, hours and days

Hymn 204: Less than the least of all

Hymn 205: The tender mercies of our Lord

Hymn 206: Food, raiment, dwelling, health and friends

Hymn 207: Be known to us in breaking bread

Hymn 208: What secret hand, at morning-light

Hymn 209: The blessing of a night's repose

Hymn 210: My God, beneath Thy watching eye

Hymn 211: Full speed along the world's highway

Hymn 212: In a land of strange delight

Hymn 213: Thee, in the watches of the night

Hymn 214: O where shall rest be found

Hymn 215: Few, few and evil are thy days

Hymn 216: A hundred years ago, not one

Hymn 217: A child, a youth, a man

Hymn 218: Nothing into this world we brought

Hymn 219: On our span-long pilgrimage

Hymn 220: Lord, I have put my trust in Thee

Hymn 221: The end of all things is at hand

Hymn 222: To-day is added to our time

Hymn 223: Time grows not old with length of years

Hymn 224: At every motion of our breath

Hymn 225: Weep no more, Zion, dry thy streaming tears

Hymn 226: Where are the dead?

Hymn 227: Heaven is a place of rest from sin

Hymn 228: While through this changing world we roam

Hymn 229: There is a river pure and bright

Hymn 230: Though I walk the downward shade

Hymn 231: Mercy and goodness, O my God

Hymn 232: The sting of death is sin

Hymn 233: How many generations dead

Hymn 234: For ever with the Lord

Hymn 235: When the overwhelming waters

Hymn 236: The days and years of time are fled

Hymn 237: What are these in bright array

Hymn 238: Eternity! Eternity

Hymn 239: Angels from the realms of glory

Hymn 240: Children of Zion, know your King

Hymn 241: Daughter of Zion, from the dust

Hymn 242: Strangers, whence came ye to the West

Hymn 243: To me, though neither voice nor sound

Hymn 244: Now weigh the anchor, hoist the sail

Hymn 245: Peace, that passeth understanding

Hymn 246: Is this the day that gave me birth?

Hymn 247: Brother and friend, with heart and voice

Hymn 248: O Thou, in whom we live and move

Hymn 249: The sun clear-shining after showers

Hymn 250: Sleep, weary world, and take thy rest

Hymn 251: Once more, to pay our annual vows

Hymn 252: One song of praise, one voice of prayer

Hymn 253: Send out Thy light and truth, O God

Hymn 254: Home, kindred, friends, and country, these

Hymn 255: Sow in the morn thy seed

Hymn 256: The heathen perish

Hymn 257: O Spirit of the living God

Hymn 258: A grain of corn an infant's hand

Hymn 259: In a garden, man was placed

Hymn 260: Let there be light: thus spake the Word

Hymn 261: Arise and shine, your light is come

Hymn 262: Our Master, Jesus, reign'd above

Hymn 263: Fair shines the morning star

Hymn 264: Oh! Valiant-for-the-Truth

Hymn 265: Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass

Hymn 266: Fall down ye nations, and adore

Hymn 267: Hail to the Lord's Anointed

Hymn 268: Will e'er that sabbath-morning rise

Hymn 269: O be joyful, every nation

Hymn 270: The King of Glory we proclaim

Hymn 271: Thine arm, O Lord, of old

Hymn 272: The God of your forefathers praise

Hymn 273: All hail! our Church's Elder dear

Hymn 274: The sunbeams, infinitely small

Hymn 275: Proclaim the year of Jubilee

Hymn 276: To God most awful and most high

Hymn 277: Flowers grow in sweet societies

Hymn 278: We lift our eyes, our hands, to Thee

Hymn 279: The God of harvest praise

Hymn 280: Is summer ended, harvest past

Hymn 281: O take away this evil heart

Hymn 282: Lift up your eyes, look round

Hymn 283: As from the winter sky

Hymn 284: A year, another year is fled

Hymn 285: Our soul shall magnify the Lord

Hymn 286: When, like a stranger on our sphere

Hymn 287: Father of light, and life, and love

Hymn 288: When Israel, press'd by Pharaoh, stood

Hymn 289: Let the land mourn through all its coasts

Hymn 290: It is the Lord! Behold His hand

Hymn 291: Walking on the winged wind

Hymn 292: Sing Hallelujah; sing

Hymn 293: Heaven as a tent Thine hand displayed

Hymn 294: The ground on which this day we stand

Hymn 295: Not in Jerusalem alone

Hymn 296: A sure and tried foundation stone

Hymn 297: Not here, as to the prophet's eye

Hymn 298: Father of glory, God of grace

Hymn 299: Behold yon bright array

Hymn 300: This stone to Thee in faith we lay

Hymn 301: Lord of hosts, to Thee we raise

Hymn 302: The morning stars in concert sang

Hymn 303: We plan foundations for the dead

Hymn 304: Hallow'd be this humble spot

Hymn 305: We bid thee welcome in the Name

Hymn 306: Pour out Thy Spirit from on high

Hymn 307: Rest from thy labours

Hymn 308: Go to the grave in all thy glorious prime

Hymn 309: A blessing on our pastor's head

Hymn 310: Hallelujah! heart and voice

Hymn 311: Servant of God, well done

Hymn 312: Friends of the poor, the young, the weak

Hymn 313: A children's temple here we build

Hymn 314: Happy the child, who early makes

Hymn 315: Lord Jesus Christ, the children's Friend

Hymn 316: O Lord our God, Thy light and truth

Hymn 317: Youth, health, and strength are ours to-day

Hymn 318: Our parents, brothers, sisters, friends

Hymn 319: The bird that soars on highest wing

Hymn 320: God, o'er all supremely bless'd

Hymn 321: God said, Let there be light

Hymn 322: With heart and soul, with mind and might

Hymn 323: Around the throne of grace we meet

Hymn 324: On earth we meet again below

Hymn 325: Hosanna be the children's song

Hymn 326: When Jesus left His Father's throne

Hymn 327: The children's angels always view

Hymn 328: The pure and peaceful mind

Hymn 329: The tongue, the tongue, with all its powers

Hymn 330: With lawless lips, unbridled tongue

Hymn 331: Isaac was ransom'd when he lay

Hymn 332: On His pilgrimage of woe

Hymn 333: Weep, little children, weep

Hymn 334: Glory to the Father give

Hymn 335: I build my house upon a rock,--

Hymn 336: O come, let us raise

Hymn 337: The brightest morning of the year

Hymn 338: Friend after friend departs:

Hymn 339: Come, from your dwellings, girls and boys

Hymn 340: Let songs of praise arise

Hymn 341: Love is the theme of saints above

Hymn 342: Sun, moon and stars, by day and night

Hymn 343: Thy throne, O God, in righteousness

Hymn 344: Thou Father of the fatherless

Hymn 345: While saints and angels, glorious King

Hymn 346: The poorest of the poor are we

Hymn 347: God over all, the sun by day

Hymn 348: Lord! are there eyes that see the sun

Hymn 349: Our schools are nurseries below

Hymn 350: Now Lord of lords and King of kings

Hymn 351: The Sabbath of the Lord

Hymn 352: The grace of Jesus Christ our Lord

Hymn 353: Maker, Upholder, Ruler

Hymn 354: Again our ears have heard the voice

Hymn 355: Thy word, Almighty Lord

Hymn 356: Doxology (L.M.)

Hymn 357: Doxology (C.M.)

Hymn 358: Doxology (S.M.)

Hymn 359: Doxology (7s. M.)

Hymn 360: Doxology (7s 6s M.)


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