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James Montgomery

Earnest Supplication, under Trials of Faith.--Ps. cxliii.

Hear me, O Lord! in my distress,

Hear me in truth and righteousness;

For, at Thy bar of judgment tried,

None living can be justified.

Lord! I have foes without, within,

The world, the flesh, indwelling sin,

Life's daily ills, temptation's power,

And Satan roaring to devour.

These, these, my fainting soul surround,

My strength is smitten to the ground;

Like those long dead, beneath their weight,

Crush'd is my heart, and desolate.

Yet in the gloom of silent thought,

I call to mind what God hath wrought,

Thy wonders in the days of old,

Thy mercies great and manifold.

Ah! then to Thee I stretch my hands,

Like fainting streams through desert sands;

I thirst for thee, as harvest plains,

Parch'd by the summer, thirst for rains.

O let me not thus hopeless lie

Like one condemn'd at morn to die;

But with the morning may I see

Thy loving kindness visit me.


Teach me Thy will, subdue my own;

Thou art my God, and Thou alone,

By Thy good Spirit guide me still,

Safe from all foes, to Zion's Hill.

Release my soul from trouble, Lord,

Quicken and keep me by Thy word;

May all its promises be mine!

Thou art my portion,--I am Thine.

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