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Maltbie D. Babcock

A hymn by Dr. Maltbie D. Babcock which has been included in several American hymnals would indicate that while the author may have had before him only the scriptural passage from the Psalms210210Cf. Psalm XXXVII, 5-7, "Commit thy way unto the Lord . . . Rest in the Lord." Cf. p. 114 ff. as he composed his verses, yet because of the marked similarity of phraseology Gerhardt's hymn "Befiehl du deine Wege" must have been more or less familiar to him through the version of Wesley or another translator.

Rest in the Lord, my soul Befiehl du deine Wege
Commit to him thy way Und was dein Herze kränkt
What to thy sight seems dark as night
To him is bright as day.
(Lines 9-12.)
Rest in the Lord, my soul Dem Herren muszt du trauen,
He planned for thee thy life Wenn dirs soll wolergehen;
Brings fruit from rain brings good from pain Auf sein Werk muszt du schauen,
And peace and joy from strife. Wenn dein Werk soll bestehn.
(Lines 41-48.)
Rest in the Lord, my soul: Hoff, o du arme Seele,
This fretting weakens Thee; Hoff und sei unverzagt
139 Gott wird dich aus der Höle,
Why not be still? accept his will Da dich der Kummer plagt,
Mit groszen Gnaden rücken:
Erwarte nur die Zeit,
Thou shalt his glory see. So wirst du schon erblicken
Die Sonn der schönsten Freud.
Maltbie D. Babcock, in the Pilgrim Hymnal, 1912.

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