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In his Psalms and Hymns, 1851, Rev. A. T. Russell includes a group of hymns entitled "The Sufferings of Our Lord." One of them, no. 94, of three stanzas, bears such a striking resemblance to Gerhardt's "O Welt, sich hier dein Leben"209209Cf. p. 42. that we should be inclined to trace its source to this hymn, though it is signed merely with the author's initials A. T. R. and is offered as original:

Russell (stanza 1). Gerhardt (stanza 1).
  O World, behold Him dying O Welt, sich hier dein Leben
Who is thy life supplying; Am Stamm des Kreuzes schweben!
Behold! He dies for Thee: Dein Heil sinkt in den Tod!
He who in glory reigneth, Der grosze Fürst der Ehren
No scorn, no shame disdaineth, Läszt willig sich beschweren
From endless death my soul to free. Mit Schlägen, Hohn und groszen Spott.
Stanza 2.
Now from my Savior floweth Tritt her und schau mit Fleisze:
The blood His love bestoweth Sein Leib ist ganz mit Schweisze
On us that we may live! Des Blutes überfüllt;
138 What grief His spirit rendeth! Aus seinem edlen Herzen
Whilst thus He condescendeth Vor unerschöpften Schmerzen
His life for us His foes to give. Ein Seufzer nach dem andern quillt.

Although its second and third lines are taken directly from the Bible, yet stanza 3 as a whole appears to be influenced by the thoughts in Gerhardt's stanzas VIII and III. Line 5 might well be regarded as a condensation of the repeated ideas of confession and repentance in Gerhardt's strophes. (Cf. line 19 "ich und meine Sünden"; line 25 "ich sollte büszen").

Russell (stanza 3). Gerhardt.
(Lines 43-45.)
Of His own will He dieth, Du springst ins Todes Rachen,
Who to His Father crieth, Mich frei und los zu machen
"O Father! mercy show:" Von solchem Ungeheur
(Lines 16 and 17.)
Come, children of transgression Du bist ja nicht ein Sünder
To Jesus make confession; Wie wir und unsre Kinder
(Line 48.)
Your all to His great love you owe. O unerhörtes Liebesfeur!

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