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Wesley's adaptation211211Cf. p. 136. of the thought in "Ist Gott für mich, so trete" is but one of many sacred poems that treat this theme of the Christian's Hope. A hymn212212[Quoted here in full.] now familiar to many congregations written by James Montgomery213213Cf. p. 32. in 1872 and avowedly based on Psalm XXVII214214"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?" bears so strong a resemblance to this poem of Gerhardt's that two stanzas are here cited to show first the similarity of treatment of the general subject of Faith in the Power of God, and particularly the marked traces of Gerhardt's influence upon the English verses.

Gerhardt (Goed. 229).215215Cf. p. 126.
1. God is my strong salvation: Ist Gott für mich, so trete 1
What foe have I to fear? Gleich alles wider mich; 2
In darkness and temptation Was kann mir tun der Feinde 7
Und Widersacher Rott? 8
My light, my help, is near. Mein Glanz und schönes Licht 26
Though hosts encamp around me Ist Gott für mich, so trete 1
Firm to the fight I stand, Gleich alles wider mich 2
What terror can confound me
With God at my right hand? Und bin geliebt bei Gott 6
2. Place on the Lord reliance Nun weisz und gläub ich feste, 9
My soul with courage wait . . . dasz ich finde 19
His truth be thine affiance, Das ewge wahre Gut 20
When faint and desolate. Wenn ich gleich fall und sterbe 75
His might thine heart shall strengthen Sein Geist spricht meinem Geiste
His love thy joy increase Manch süszes Trostwort zu:
Mercy thy days shall lengthen
The Lord will give thee peace.
James Montgomery, in his Songs of Zion, 1822.

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