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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK - Chapter 12 - Verse 44

Verse 44. Of their abundance. Of their superfluous store. They have given what they did not need. They could afford it as well as not; and in doing it they have shown no self-denial.

She of her want. Of her poverty.

All her living. All that she had to live on. She trusted in God to supply her wants, and devoted her little property entirely to him. From this passage we may learn:

(1.) That God is pleased with offerings made to him and his cause.

(2.) That it is our duty to devote our property to God. We received it from him; and we shall not employ it in a proper manner unless we feel that we are stewards, and ask of him what we shall do with it. Jesus approved the conduct of all who had given money to the treasury.

(3.) That the highest evidence of love to the cause of religion is not the amount given, but the amount compared with our means.

(4.) That it may be proper to give all our property to God, and to depend on his Providence for the supply of our wants.

(5.) That God does not despise the humblest offering, if made in sincerity, He loves a cheerful giver.

(6.) That there are none who may not in this way show their love to the cause of religion. There are few, very few scholars in all our Sabbath schools, who may not give as much to the cause of religion as this poor widow; and Jesus would be as ready to approve their offerings as he was hers, and the time to begin to be benevolent and to do good is in early life, in childhood.

(7.) That it is every man's duty to make inquiry, not how much he gives, but how much compared with what he has; how much self-denial he practises, and what is the motive with which it is done.

(8.) We may remark that few practise self-denial for the purposes of charity. Most give of their abundance—that is, what they can spare without feeling it—and many feel that this is the same as throwing it away. Among all the thousands who give to these objects, how few deny themselves of one comfort, even the least, that they may advance the kingdom of Christ!

{y} "abundance" 1 Ch 29:3,17; 2 Ch 24:10

{z} "even all her living" De 24:6

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