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Table of Contents

Title Page


1. Sunday Morning Prayer.

2. Before going to Church.

3. Sunday Evening Prayer.

4. Another Sunday Evening Prayer.

5. Monday Morning Prayer.

6. Monday Evening Prayer.

7. Tuesday Morning Prayer.

8. Tuesday Evening Prayer.

9. Wednesday Morning Prayer.

10. Wednesday Evening Prayer.

11. Thursday Morning Prayer.

12. Thursday Evening Prayer.

13. Friday Morning Prayer.

14. Friday Evening Prayer.

15. Saturday Morning Prayer.

16. Saturday Evening Prayer.

17. Daily Renewal of the Baptismal Covenant.

18. Prayer on a Birthday.

19. A Prayer for Children.

20. Prayer for Young Persons.

21. Prayer of a Servant.

22. Prayer of a Husband.

23. Prayer of a Wife.

24. Prayer of an aged Person.

25. Prayer for a proper Performance of One’s Duties.

26. Prayer before Labor.

27. Prayer for Divine Blessing upon the Work of One’s Calling.

28. Luther’s Prayer based on the Scriptural Passage: Casting all

29. Prayer before beginning any Important Work.

30. Thanks returned after Labor.

31. Prayer during a Journey.

32. Prayer while beginning a Journey at Sea.

33. Prayer of a Seafarer during a Storm.

34. Complaint of a poor Sinner concerning the Impenitence of his Heart.

35. Prayer for true Conversion.

36. Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sin.

37. Prayer for Reconciliation with our Neighbor.

38. Morning Prayer of a Communicant.

39. Prayer for a worthy Partaking of the Holy Supper.

40. Thanksgiving after Partaking of the Holy Supper.

41. Prayer that God would hereafter keep us from sin, and if we sin,

42. Prayer in view of the Sufferings of Christ.

43. Prayer in time of Drought.

44. Prayer for Sunshine in a protracted Season of Wet and Rain.

45. Prayer for the precious Fruits of the Field.

46. Prayer during a Storm.

47. Thanksgiving when the Storm is over.

48. Prayer in great Weakness of Faith.

49. Prayer in great Trouble and Danger.

50. Thanksgiving after a safe Journey.

51. Thanksgiving for Deliverance out of Tribulation.

52. Morning Prayer of a sick Person.

53. Another Morning Prayer in Sickness.

54. Evening Prayer of a sick Person.

55. Another Evening Prayer of a sick Person.

56. Prayer in Sickness.

57. Prayer of a penitent in Sickness.

58. Short Prayers in Sickness, for every Hour of the Day.

59. Thanksgiving after Recovery.

60. Three Prayers in the Hour of Death.

61. Prayer of the Attendants upon a Dying Person.

62. Another.

63. A short Litany together with Prayers for a Dying Person.

64. Prayer, when the sick Person has departed in the Lord.